Nurti Digital

Digital destination for wellness seekers

Anna Wang

Visual Identity

Website Design

Studio Project

Nurti Digital, the brainchild of nutritionist Anna Wang, has blossomed into a thriving online wellness community dedicated to empowering women with the knowledge and tools to live their best lives. With a focus on education and healthy living, Nurti Digital has created a supportive environment where women can embark on their wellness journeys with confidence.

More details coming soon...

Our collaboration with Nurti Digital resulted in a brand identity that captures the essence of vitality and movement, featuring a custom logotype and an invigorating colour palette. The digital platform serves as a comprehensive hub for all things nutrition, offering practical and informative content to keep users engaged and informed.

With a fresh and fun design, Nurti Digital invites users to explore a world of wellness, discover new insights, and embrace a vibrant lifestyle that nourishes both body and mind.

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