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In 2021, we embarked on a transformative journey with PARTCLS, a trailblazing fashion brand poised to redefine the industry. Collaborating closely with PARTCLS' visionary leadership and in-house team, we embarked on a mission to refresh and elevate the brand's identity. Drawing inspiration from PARTCLS' commitment to fashion without boundaries, we crafted a brand identity that captured the essence of their unique vision.

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With a bespoke typeface inspired by the brand's original logo, we built a typographic system that formed the foundation of a dynamic and versatile brand world. Extensive brand guidelines and design templates were meticulously developed to ensure cohesion across packaging, signage, digital, and marketing materials.

Our partnership with PARTCLS was driven by a shared passion to push fashion to new frontiers and create a digital experience that seamlessly merged curated product offerings, exclusive collections, and captivating content.

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