Zena Ziora

Elevating elegance in designer footwear

Zena Ziora

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New visual identity for ZENA ZIORA fuses classic sophistication with modern style. Inspired by the essence of femininity and understated glamour, clearly communicating the quality and stature of the brand. A modern twist on heritage and tradition. Offering timeless, classic designer shoes with a fresh, original flair, Zena Ziora is a newly conceived brand, founded by upcoming luxury shoe designer, Chiso Osuji. With the partnership of a traditional, family-run Italian atelier, Chiso’s eye for alluring art and innovation has birthed her first wearable works of art - a collection of sleek designer heels, displaying a fusion of elegance, sophistication and modern style. We designed a clean, concise and functional e-commerce site featuring large imagery and a brand story.

More details coming soon...

Our work with Zena Ziora has yielded a visually stunning and cohesive brand identity that speaks volumes about the brand's dedication to timeless sophistication and originality.

This intentional emphasis on visual storytelling ensures that Zena Ziora's brand narrative unfolds in a captivating and immersive manner, engaging visitors and reflecting the brand's newfound creative direction.

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