Corals & weeds

Embracing unconventionality with a vegan brand setting new standards

Corals & Weeds


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Corals & Weeds, a contemporary vegan skincare brand, is on a mission to bring dermatological skincare within reach of all individuals. Committed to using only plant-based ingredients, Corals & Weeds offers a range of products that cater to diverse skincare needs. Recently, the brand expanded its horizons by venturing into the world of hair care, championing the development of effective vegan hair care solutions. Beyond aesthetics, educating consumers about veganism, promoting the sustainability of vegan skincare, and debunking assumptions were crucial aspects of the Corals & Weeds brand message. The brand's commitment to transparency and authenticity sets it apart, as not every brand claiming to be vegan truly upholds those values.

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For Corals & Weeds, it was essential to establish a distinctive brand identity that would set them apart from competitors in the industry. Our approach embraced unconventionality, aiming to create visuals that would catch attention and leave a lasting impression. Drawing inspiration from weeds that stand out amidst flower beds, we crafted a custom typeface and selected colours that evoked the essence of nature.

The accompanying photoshoot campaign delved into the theme of man versus animal, telling a captivating story through imagery.

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