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Dolce is a luxury Aparthotel in Tulum, Mexico with a range of grande hotel suites and 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments. The company's mission is to create an elegant, 360 experience for holiday lovers and dreamers where new memories can be made and cherished. Dolce came to us with an existing brand but wanted to change the brand's identity to reflect the modern changes the brand was going through. The Dolce Aparthotel has several complexities to its design with history and sentiment behind them. So we built on these past sentiments and stories with a modern twist, overall elevating the design.

More details coming soon...

The iconic Palm Tree symbol, meticulously handcrafted and seamlessly integrated into the new logo, serves as a powerful reminder of Dolce's essence and serves as a symbol of tranquillity and tropical elegance.

Dolce Aparthotel's redesigned look exudes timeless sophistication. The new brand identity showcases a seamless blend of historic influences and contemporary aesthetics, paying homage to Dolce's rich heritage while embracing a fresh and elevated design approach.

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