El Pasion

A newfound simplfified approach to beauty

El Pasion

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El Pasion redefines beauty standards with its elegantly simple yet impactful brand identity, promoting an ethos of affordable luxury. The founder articulates this vision: "In keeping with my values of quality and togetherness, I wanted to rewrite the narrative that premium makeup is expensive by creating straightforward products with a newfound experience of affordable luxury." This philosophy extends to each product, designed for easy use and effective results, allowing users to enhance their natural beauty, embody their dream look, and embrace their desired identity with confidence. El Pasion champions a culture of belonging, simplicity, and inclusivity.

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At Desiree Design Studio, we embraced the opportunity to rejuvenate El Pasion's online presence, tackling the challenge of an outdated website for this burgeoning local beauty company. Our team led the website's strategic redesign and supported the launch of new initiatives.

We provided creative direction, refreshed campaign copywriting, and implemented a targeted social media strategy that dramatically boosted the brand's Instagram engagement rate. Our strategic input elevated engagement from less than 1% in December 2020 to 3.5% by December 2021, significantly enhancing audience interaction and brand visibility.

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