Justeve Scarves

Capturing luxurious versatility with vintage charm

Justeve Scarves

Art Direction


The Justeve Scarves photoshoot successfully captured the essence of the brand. It blends vintage charm with contemporary allure, resulting in an elevated, classy, and slightly edgy campaign. The fusion of organic elements and striking styling choices created a unique and memorable visual narrative. Drawing inspiration from the brand's vision, we embarked on a journey to create a campaign that seamlessly integrated the elements of tradition and modernity. Guided by the concept of 'design you feel,' our aim was to evoke a sense of emotion and resonance in every visual aspect.

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The overall creative direction of the justeve scarves campaign aimed to showcase the brand's commitment to elegance, sophistication, and individuality. By infusing vintage, floral, and edgy elements, we created a visually captivating narrative that resonates with the customers and elevates the scarves to new heights.

Each shot, meticulously composed and framed, highlighted the scarves' details and versatility, while the overall photography direction showcased the scarves against the natural beauty of the garden setting.

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