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A sleek and innovative identity for luxury home scents

Kuro Home

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Founded by Interior design enthusiast Ashley Keyana, Kuro provides an extensive range of elegant home scents designed to create a haven of peace, soothing serenity, and calming zen. Kuro’s visual identity was designed to be sleek and innovative with a touch of modern sophistication featuring neutral colours and geometric layouts inspired by home decor which enhances the heartfelt, calming vibe of the brand. For Kuro's first-ever campaign, we had the privilege of working with the brand to develop a visually stunning and captivating imagery that truly captured the essence of their luxurious vegan candles. Kuro's unique blend of active ingredients, including paraffin wax, offers long-lasting and memorable scents that cater to all types of people and home settings. Through our work, we were able to bring Kuro's brand messaging to life, crafting a narrative that resonated with customers and positioned Kuro as a leading player in the luxury candle market.

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Kuro needed a timeless and expressive site that told a story whilst remaining quick and functional. We achieved this by the use of full-screen imagery, minimal text and tiny elements inspired by interior design.

The campaign imagery and visual communication effectively showcased the unique features of Kuro's candles, and helped establish the brand as an eco-conscious and luxurious choice for those seeking a serene and transformative home experience.

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