8 Beauty Colour Palettes for 8 Types of People

Bibiana Obahor
April 9, 2024
rosie huntington-whiteley | horuglass cosmetics
Taking colour beyond the basic spectrum, there’s something to suit every type of customer in our edit of blush pinks, sleek blacks, and bright pastels...

In the world of beauty packaging, colour plays a pivotal role in creating an identity and connecting with various consumer personas. The right palette can convey a brand’s ethos, appeal to specific demographics, and even influence consumer behaviour. Let’s dive into nine meticulously crafted brand colour palettes, each tailored to resonate with a distinct personality type.

1. The Wellness Warrior

For the one drinking an Erewhon smoothie in her Alo Yoga, post-Pilates

The Wellness Warrior is the epitome of health and wellness, embodying the clean girl aesthetic popularised by trendsetters like Hailey Bieber. This customer segment is drawn to minimalism, effortlessly blending sophistication with a glowy look. Their lifestyle is a testament to balance and self-care, favouring low-intensity workouts such as Pilates or yoga, eating acai bowls, and opting for organic produce.

For brands looking to resonate with the Wellness Warrior, the visual strategy should emphasize cleanliness and ease. This demographic values brands that reflect their own ideals of wellness and sophistication without appearing too try-hard. Marketing materials should feature clean lines, ample white space, and imagery that reflects an soft lifestyle.

For the one drinking an Erewhon smoothie in her Alo Yoga, post-Pilates

The color palette for a brand aiming to attract the Wellness Warrior should lean heavily into soft, neutral tones that evoke a sense of calm and purity. Think subdued shades.

  • Soft Whites: symbolising cleanliness, simplicity, and purity. It’s the backdrop of a clutter-free life.
  • Pale Pinks: adding a subtle warmth, inviting the Wellness Warrior into a space that understands the importance of self-care.
  • Warm Beiges and Nudes: offering a sense of stability and groundedness, creating a neutral canvas that complements the minimalist aesthetic.

Think: Rhode, Glossier, Summer Fridays, Rare Beauty, Ilia Beauty, Ouai, Refy

To effectively capture the attention of the Wellness Warrior, brands should:

  • Showcase Product Benefits Clearly. Highlight how products fit into a wellness-oriented lifestyle, focusing on organic, natural ingredients, and the benefits of minimalism.
  • Create Aspirational yet Relatable Content. Use marketing channels to share content that aligns with their daily routines and preferences, from healthy recipes to wellness tips that slot seamlessly into a busy schedule.
  • Emphasize Community and Belonging. Engage with this demographic through events or online platforms that foster a sense of community around wellness, offering spaces for them to connect and share their journeys.

2. The Stealthy Affluent

For the stealthy wealthy who shop at The Row and consider a $100 face cream a necessity rather than a splurge

The Stealthy Affluent embodies the essence of understated luxury, choosing to whisper their status rather than shout. Drawing inspiration from the restrained opulence seen in shows like "Succession," they prefer a muted, minimalist aesthetic that speaks volumes through its quality rather than logos. This consumer group values discretion and sophistication, seeking items that complement a lifestyle defined by quiet confidence and an appreciation for the finer things—without the need for overt displays of wealth.

Their fashion and lifestyle choices are intentional, prioritising quality and longevity over trends. The Stealthy Affluent are drawn to products that promise to be a good investment—timeless in design and impeccable in function. They opt for pieces that look expensive, without looking expensive, embodying the 'quiet luxury' trend. This discerning customer is interested in the craftsmanship and material of a product. Glass bottles over plastic ones, bespoke as opposed to mass-produced.

For the stealthy wealthy who shop at The Row and consider a $100 face cream a necessity rather than a splurge

For brands courting the Stealthy Affluent, the colour palette should emphasise simplicity and elegance:

  • Stark Blacks: Representing power, elegance, and sophistication, black is a staple that denotes seriousness and luxury without ostentation.
  • Pristine Whites: Symbolising purity, simplicity, and sophistication, white creates a clean, minimalist backdrop that speaks to quality.
  • Deep Grays: Offering a balance between black and white, gray adds depth and understatement, resonating with this group's preference for timeless products.

Think: La Mer, Westman Atelier, Diptyque, Jo Malone, Le Labo, Aesop, Byredo

Attracting the Stealthy Affluent requires a focus on subtlety and quality in every aspect of branding. This demographic is not swayed by flashy marketing or trending products but looks for brands that exude an aura of exclusivity and high standards without needing to loudly proclaim it. To appeal to this group, brands should:

  • Highlight Quality and Craftsmanship. Emphasize the exceptional materials, sustainable sourcing, and the skilled craftsmanship behind products. Transparency about the creation process can add value in the eyes of the Stealthy Affluent.
  • Opt for Premium Packaging. Use high-quality materials like glass or recycled, upscale packaging options that reflect the brand's commitment to sustainability and luxury. The design should be sleek, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, with a focus on tactile experiences.
  • Adopt a Low-Key Marketing Approach. Marketing strategies should be subtle, perhaps leveraging word-of-mouth or exclusive events rather than mainstream advertising. Content that educates about the brand’s values, the longevity of products, and their place in a sustainable, luxury lifestyle will resonate well.
  • Ensure an Exclusive Customer Experience. Offer personalized services or bespoke options that enhance the buying experience, making customers feel part of an exclusive club that understands their need for discretion and quality.

3. The Organised Aesthete

For the ones who find joy in organisation and arrange their closet from darks to lights

The Organized Aesthete thrives on structure and subtlety. This consumer seeks harmony in their environment, opting for monochromatic palettes that reflect their love for order and beauty. They are loyal by nature, investing in brands that display consistency and coherence in their offerings. They prefer to purchase their beauty products from a single place, valuing the uniformity that aligns with their organized nature. This loyalty is not to be taken lightly; once the Organized Aesthete finds a brand that mirrors their values, they are likely to remain committed, expecting the same level of precision and quality in every interaction.

For the ones who find joy in organisation and arrange their closet from darks to lights

These customers are drawn to nude and neutral tones—colors that evoke a sense of calm, cleanliness, and sophistication. For a brand, the appeal to the Organized Aesthete should focus on neutral yet powerful shades:

  • Soft Nudes: Symbolising simplicity and warmth, providing a subtle yet inviting atmosphere that aligns with their need for cohesion and elegance.
  • Rich Tans: Offering a deeper accent within the neutral spectrum, suggesting reliability and resilience—qualities that resonate with their methodical approach to life.
  • Soft Greys: Implying a sense of balance and formality, perfect for communicating a brand's dedication to quality and consistency.

Think: Caudalie, Innisfree, Olapex, Fresh Beauty, Typology, Salt & Stone, NÉCESSAIREv

To capture the heart of the Organized Aesthete, a brand must establish a visual and experiential consistency that this customer finds reassuring. This includes:

  • Strong Brand Consistency. Employ a powerful and consistent color palette across all branding materials. Consistency in design conveys a sense of reliability and trustworthiness, which is key to retaining these loyal customers.
  • Monochromatic Packaging. Design packaging that complements their love for order and simplicity, using shades and tones that align with their personal aesthetic.
  • Streamlined Shopping Experience. Offer a shopping experience that is as organized as they are. This could include neatly categorized products and an intuitive online interface that speaks to their appreciation for structure.
  • Emphasize Long-Term Value. Communicate the durability and lasting appeal of products, echoing their preference for long-term investments over impulsive buys.

4. The Luxe Lover

For the ones who believe every occasion deserves a heel moment and do their morning routine in a robe

The Luxe Lover is someone who adorns their life with splendor, where everyday moments are elevated to celebratory events. They are the quintessence of the 'girly girl'—embracing the vibrant shades of Barbiecore, the grace of balletcore, and the playfulness of trends like the strawberry girl aesthetic. Their world is a canvas for bows, ribbons, and all things pink, painting their routine with a brush of luxury and femininity.

For the Luxe Lover, beauty is in the details—a pink-tipped manicure, the flush of creamy blush, the gleam of a strawberry-kissed lip oil. They indulge in the romance of life and their routine is a ritual of indulgence.

For the ones who believe every occasion deserves a heel moment and do their morning routine in a robe

The brand palette for the Luxe Lover should be as rich and fanciful as their lifestyle:

  • Powdery Pinks: Symbolising affection and playfulness, these shades invite the Luxe Lover into a world where femininity and luxury interlace seamlessly.
  • Glittering Golds: Representing wealth and grandeur, gold adds a regal touch that appeals to their love for the extravagant.
  • Bold Accents: Strategic pops of bold color like a red perhaps reflect their fearless approach to life and love for standing out.

Think: Slip, Rose Inc, Gisou, Chanel (No.5 pink soap case), Dior, Merit

For brands, capturing the attention of the Luxe Lover is all about creating a fantasy that they can step into—a world where beauty, luxury, and femininity play the leading roles. This means:

  • Indulgent Imagery. Use marketing imagery that captures the spirit of opulence, from lush floral arrangements to sumptuous fabrics, appealing to their taste for the finer things.
  • Product Presentation. Ensure that the product packaging exudes luxury, using materials and designs that speak to the tactile and visual desires of the Luxe Lover.
  • Engaging Beauty Narrative. Craft a beauty narrative that aligns with their feminine and indulgent routines, suggesting products that contribute to their vision of a luxurious lifestyle.
  • Romantic Brand Storytelling. Weave a story that resonates with their sense of romance and adventure, inviting them to be the protagonist in a tale of beauty and elegance.

5. The Trend Enthusiast

For the one who didn't need it but saw it on TikTok and had to a have it

The Trend Enthusiast is the quintessential social media savant—ever on the pulse of the newest viral sensation. They embody a carefree spirit that revels in the excitement of discovery and aren’t afraid to jump from one trend to the next. This consumer is more likely to buy a beauty product for its eye-catching packaging or because it's the current talk of TikTok rather than out of necessity.

Their approach to makeup is expressive and bold, mirroring the dynamic nature of their online world. They are the brand hoppers, not wedded to any single label but rather to the allure of novelty and innovation. For them, shopping is an extension of their social media experience, especially within ecosystems like TikTok Shop, where the line between content and commerce blurs seamlessly.

For the one who didn't need it but saw it on TikTok and had to a have it

A brand looking to attract the Trend Enthusiast should embrace a palette that’s as vibrant and dynamic as they are:

  • Electric Blues and Pinks: Signifying energy and playfulness, these shades match their lively and youthful spirit.
  • Neon Greens and Yellows: Reflecting the enthusiasm and optimism of a demographic that’s always looking forward to the next big thing.
  • Vivid Purples: Conveying creativity and the unconventional, aligning with their desire to stand out and be unique.

Think: Drunk Elephant, Sol de Janeiro, Star Face, Kosas, HELLO SUNDAY, BYOMA, Topicals

To captivate the Trend Enthusiast, brands must be as agile and attention-grabbing as the trends they follow. This means:

  • Bright, Engaging Packaging. Design packaging that pops off the screen and shelf, appealing to their visual-centric shopping habits.
  • Playful Messaging. Employ marketing language that is fun, light-hearted, and aligns with the verve of social media communication.
  • Social Media Presence. Maintain a strong, trend-savvy presence on platforms like TikTok, where this group spends a significant amount of their time.
  • Collaborate with Influencers. Partner with influencers who are trendsetters themselves, thus tapping into the Trend Enthusiast’s trust in these figures.
  • Quick-to-Market Strategies. Be ready to launch products that capitalize on trending topics or viral content, showing that the brand is as up-to-date as they are.

6. The Beauty Connoisseur

For the one who has a curated GRWM Spotify playlist and sits down on the floor in front of a mirror to do their makeup

The Beauty Connoisseur is a curator of their own aesthetic universe, meticulously choreographing their Get Ready With Me (GRWM) playlists as they sit before a mirror, transforming routine into ritual. They are discerning aficionados of the makeup world, appreciating both the art and the precision it takes to create the perfect look.

This consumer delights in the experiential side of beauty, with each cosmetic product selected not just for its function but for the joy it brings. They’re as expressive with their makeup as they are with their music choices, viewing each as an extension of their identity. Their love for beauty is both a personal passion and a shared experience, often taking to social media to connect with like-minded enthusiasts.

For the one who has a curated GRWM Spotify playlist and sits down on the floor in front of a mirror to do their makeup

The Beauty Connoisseur’s palette is a canvas for creativity:

  • Classic Blacks: Representing sophistication and provide a foundation for the connoisseur's collection, much like a little black dress in a wardrobe.
  • Vibrant Accents: Pops of color reflect their playful side and willingness to experiment with trends and express their mood.
  • Metallics and Shimmers: These highlight the Connoisseur's love for the luxe and the finesse, adding a touch of glamour and shine to their collection.

Think: Huda Beauty, Too Faced, Fenty, Milk Makeup, Laura Mercier

To attract the Beauty Connoisseur, brands must offer a mix of tradition and innovation, quality, and playfulness. This includes:

  • Bold and Artistic Packaging. Design packaging that stands out and speaks to the connoisseur’s taste for the unique and artistic. Think bold graphics, tactile experiences, and packaging that collectors wouldn't want to throw away.
  • Interactive Brand Experience. Encourage interaction with the brand through social media, events, or collaborations that allow the connoisseur to engage with and contribute to the brand narrative.
  • Quality Formulations. Deliver products that not only look beautiful but perform impeccably. The Beauty Connoisseur values the substance just as much as the style.
  • Community Engagement. Create spaces for connoisseurs to share their looks, tips, and reviews, fostering a community of beauty enthusiasts who can grow with the brand.

7. The Glam Enthusiast

For the one who stores their products in a vanity case (bonus points if its Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Goyard)

The Glam Enthusiast treasures the ritual of beauty, treating their products not merely as tools but as treasured components of a curated collection.  hey have an eye for timeless elegance and an affinity for the finer details that turn daily grooming into a luxurious indulgence. This customer’s beauty regimen is steeped in tradition yet open to innovation, blending classic techniques with modern flair. For them, makeup and skincare are forms of self-expression as well as self-care, embodying both personal narrative and cultural conversation.

For the one who stores their products in a vanity case (bonus points if its Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Goyard)

The color palette for the Glam Enthusiast reflects their sophisticated and polished world:

  • Sleek Blacks: Conveying classic sophistication, blacks offer depth and versatility, serving as the perfect backdrop for pops of color and texture.
  • Glossy Golds: Infusing a sense of luxury and opulence, gold accents denote a premium standard and an attention to detail.
  • Chromatic Silvers and Chromes: Providing a modern twist, these elements add a sleek, futuristic touch, appealing to the Glam Enthusiast’s appreciation for innovation within elegance.

Think: Charlotte Tilbury, YSL, NARS, Hourglass, MAC Cosmetics

To win over the Glam Enthusiast, brands must present an image of luxurious sophistication and impeccable taste. This includes:

  • Elegant Product Design. Emphasize elegance and luxury in product design, from the shape and weight of a lipstick case to the feel of a foundation bottle, ensuring every detail exudes quality.
  • Premium Packaging. Use high-quality materials and design elements that reflect the customer’s love for luxury, such as gold embossing, satin finishes, and magnetic closures that reinforce the value of the product within.
  • Experiential Retail. Offer an elevated shopping experience, whether through personalized consultations, interactive displays, or visually engaging store designs that speak to the Glam Enthusiast’s sense of grandeur.
  • Attention to Detail. Demonstrate meticulous attention to detail in every aspect, from the precision of the product formulas to the intricacies of the brand narrative.

8. The Bohemian Trendsetter

For the one who wears her mothers vintage clothes and moved to NYC to study fashion and art

The Bohemian Trendsetter is the archetype of the artist and the dreamer, clad in the timeless elegance of vintage fashion and immersed in the avant-garde culture of New York City. This is the individual who stands out in a crowd, not only for their fashion sense but for their pursuit of the unique and the rare. They seek out pieces with stories, products with soul, and brands that align with their individualistic and creative ethos.

This customer is a connoisseur of the arts and a curator of personal style, often drawn to what is not easily found by others. This approach extends to their beauty choices—they are attracted to niche brands that offer something beyond the conventional, with a touch of craftsmanship and a narrative to match.

For the one who wears her mothers vintage clothes and moved to NYC to study fashion and art

The Bohemian Trendsetter’s palette is as eclectic and expressive as their lifestyle:

  • Quirky Colors: A blend of unconventional hues that break the mold, inviting creativity and personal expression.
  • Rich Earth Tones: These shades ground the palette, connecting the Trendsetter to the vintage and natural elements they adore.
  • Artistic Accents: Bursts of color that act as signatures of their artistic inclinations and their desire to own what others may not have.

Think: Augustinus Bader, D.S. & DURGA, ACQUA DI PARMA, Boysmells, Costa Brazil

Think: Augustinus Bader, D.S. & DURGA, ACQUA DI PARMA, Boysmells, Costa Brazil

Brands looking to captivate the Bohemian Trendsetter must resonate with their spirit of independence and originality. This includes:

  • Distinctive Branding. Use a distinctive visual language that stands apart from mainstream trends, featuring eclectic and artistic elements that appeal to the Trendsetter’s creative soul.
  • Story-Driven Products. Each product should have a story, whether it's the unique ingredients, the inspiration behind it, or the artisanal methods used in its creation.
  • Limited Editions and Collaborations. Offer limited edition products or collaborations with artists and designers to feed their love for the exclusive and the extraordinary.
  • Authentic Engagement. Create authentic narratives around the brand that align with the Trendsetter’s values and aesthetic, potentially leveraging art and cultural events as platforms for engagement.

Every colour tells a story, and each story attracts a different listener. While the colour palettes we’ve matched to these personalities are broad and overlapping, they’re excellent starting points. They show us that the power of colour in branding is undeniable, but it's also flexible—just like our customers. Use these insights as a guide to understanding and expanding your brand’s colour narrative, keeping in mind that your audience may well dip into more than one palette. Simple yet strategic colour choices can be the key to creating a brand that resonates deeply and widely.


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