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How Jess Hunt Brought This Brand to Life

Bibiana Obahor
December 9, 2023
Image Credit — Refy Beauty
When it comes to world-building and experiential branding, few in the beauty space do it like REFY. The clean beauty brand's marketing and branding strategy is undoubtedly 10/10. From pop-ups to pilates, here's how they do it.

REFY's remarkable trajectory in the beauty industry is anchored in its ability to transform ordinary products into super fun and trendy experiences. Think consistent product drops, social media giveaways, and super-aesthetic pop-ups. Just this week, the brand showcased this at a Wine Bar event, offering a 'Gloss & a Glass', where attendees could get a free gloss when they purchased wine. While beauty pop-ups are not a new concept, REFY's events stand out for their effortless blend of beauty, lifestyle, and community—an embodiment of the brand's ethos—clean, sleek, and perfectly on-brand.

At these lifestyle-centric pop-ups, every detail, from the décor to the ambience, reflects the brand's bold branding and sleek aesthetic, creating an immersive 'REFY World', complete with on-brand goodies and, of course, freebies. Who doesn't love a freebie? The whole experience is a vibe, inviting customers not just to purchase a product but to immerse themselves in a lifestyle, whether it's attending their Pilates class, enjoying a REFY matcha, or picking up a new lippie in Soho London.

Beyond these events, REFY’s branding extends to everyday things. Billboards in Manchester, stylish coffee cups, chic jackets—each item is infused with the signature REFY style, making the brand a part of daily life.

The clean makeup brand also recently released a $60 makeup bag in November, promoting it as a must-have fashion accessory, with influencers like Jordan Grant and Danielle Oreoluwa Jinadu walking the streets of New York carrying it as a purse. It's this consistent, on-brand aesthetic that plays a crucial role in bringing the brand alive in an appealing and relatable way.

For Jess Hunt, creating a visual identity that mirrors her style, marked by minimalist and clean imagery, seems almost instinctive. This personal touch resonates with her audience, many of whom have followed her journey from influencer to brand founder. Hunt's attention to detail is evident in every aspect of REFY. "I wanted to sell this brand to people, and it needed to be perfect," she says.

In today's cost-conscious market, REFY's engagement with its community is a key aspect of its strategy. The brand cleverly offers mini versions of its products at pop-up events and with certain orders, creating not just engagement but a sense of urgency and exclusivity. These minis, whether due to limited stock, perceived as 'practically free', or simply because they're cute, are irresistible to shoppers.

Adaptability to trends is another hallmark of REFY’s branding strategy. When TikTok's “pop of red” trend emerged in the beauty space, REFY quickly launched The “Red” Collection, a reimagined line of their popular lip gloss, Lip Sculpt liner, and cream blush in a gorgeous shade of red. Their timely response was a strategic move that further cemented REFY's position as a trend-aware and innovative brand.

@refybeauty via Instagram

REFY’s journey is a masterclass in how to create a brand that resonates with the modern consumer. It’s the story of a brand that has pushed the traditional boundaries of beauty marketing to create an immersive, lifestyle-oriented experience.


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