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Two Things We Love About Reformation

The Desiree Team
September 20, 2023
Reformation, the iconic Los Angeles-based fashion brand celebrated for its ethical approach, has managed to captivate the fashion world's attention. Renowned for its commitment to sustainability and enchanting brand image, Reformation stands as a formidable presence in the fashion industry. Let's talk about two things that make Reformation so cool.

Email Marketing: A Relatable Brand Tone

Reformation's email marketing strategy is characterised by a tone that resonates profoundly with its primary demographic, predominantly millennials. With a frequency of 2-3 emails per week, Reformation adopts a casual and playful approach, seamlessly extending this tone across various communication channels, including subject headers and campaign content.

This distinctive tone sets Reformation apart. It's an approach that not all brands can pull off successfully, yet Reformation does so effortlessly. The brand's emails are not just about showcasing its latest fashion offerings but also about educating its audience regarding the environmental impact of the fashion industry. By seamlessly merging fashion with a commitment to sustainability in a friendly and approachable manner, Reformation has managed to capture the attention and engagement of its younger audience, a noteworthy achievement in an age where consumers are bombarded with marketing messages.

Moreover, Reformation's email marketing is characterised by its responsiveness and timeliness. The brand demonstrates a keen understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape by incorporating pop-cultural references and trends. This ability to stay current and culturally relevant ensures that Reformation remains at the forefront of consumers' minds.

Further, the brand has accomplished the rare feat of making people excited about reading marketing emails. Each email not only showcases the latest fashion pieces but also tells a captivating story. Reformation's copy is witty, clever, and thought-provoking, making the act of reading an email from the brand an enjoyable experience. In a time when consumers are inundated with bland and formulaic marketing content, Reformation's copy stands out as a breath of fresh air.

Great Brand Positioning

Reformation's success is not solely a result of its marketing efforts; it's also deeply rooted in the brand's positioning within the market. Season after season, Reformation curates a product assortment that resonates with "IT" girls and celebrities, thereby shaping style trends for the mass market.

Left to right; Hailey Bieber, Blue Ivy Carter and Kendall Jenner seen in Reformation

A significant component of Reformation's brand positioning is its robust online presence. A cursory Google search for "Reformation brand" instantly imparts the brand's core values. The title tag succinctly declares: "dress healthy, sustainable clothing," offering a concise insight into Reformation's ethos. The meta description tag reinforces the brand's commitment to sustainability with the statement: "Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. Reformation is #2." Even the copy for the site's main links is compelling, beckoning shoppers with phrases like "You probably need something new" and "Friends don't let friends wear ugly dresses." These elements collectively engender a commanding and enduring online presence.

Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We're #2

Reformation's brand positioning goes beyond simply promoting sustainability. It embraces imperfections, acknowledging that the path to a greener future is not perfect. By positioning itself as a brand that is also on a journey towards sustainability, Reformation avoids the pitfall of sounding preachy or overly idealistic. Instead, it makes the goal of sustainability seem attainable and relatable to its customers.

Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good

Reformation astutely recognises that consumers aspire to make sustainable choices without compromising their sense of style and self-expression. The brand not only offers sustainable clothing but also ensures that its pieces exude style and visual appeal. This message conveys that sustainability and fashion are not mutually exclusive. It resonates with consumers who wish to make eco-conscious choices without forgoing aesthetics.

A standout feature of Reformation's brand positioning is its ability to seamlessly weave pop-culture references into its messaging. By tapping into relatable aspects of modern life, such as dating and relationships, Reformation connects with its millennial audience on a deeper and more personal level. This strategy not only entertains but also educates, making sustainability and ethical fashion more accessible and engaging.

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