A Cool Multi-Media Photographer Shares her Day-to-Day

Melissa Jasmine
November 21, 2023
Cheyanne Franke
In a field where technical skill meets personal expression, photographers stand as the pinnacle of creativity, and few more are cooler than Cheyanne Frank. From having fun on set to maintaining true authenticity, Chey shares the recipe behind the work she does.

A Day in the Life

Morning Schedule

7:00 AM - Chey starts her day, overcoming the challenge of waking early as a night owl.

She begins with her skincare routine, incorporating red light therapy for rejuvenation.

Time is dedicated to her dog, including a morning walk and feeding, filled with affectionate moments.

Chey drives to the gym, mentally preparing for the day ahead.

She engages in a soul-nourishing sauna session, followed by a focused workout and stretching.

Transition to Work

9:30 AM - Chey returns home, enjoys a light snack, and settles into her workspace.

Her work-related activities commence, which may include:

  • Checking and responding to emails.
  • Engaging in client calls or pre-production planning for shoots.
  • Participating in mentorship calls and collaborating with virtual co-workers.

12:00 PM - A break for a walk with her dog, soaking up some sunshine.

Afternoon Focus

1:00 PM - Chey resumes work activities, which can involve:

  • Post-production tasks such as editing and organizing galleries.
  • Handling administrative work like contracts and invoices.
  • Dropping off film for development, a moment of personal excitement for her.

3:00 PM - Another break for a walk, ensuring regular movement and fresh air.

If it's a slower-paced day, Chey engages in personal activities like thrifting, sewing, or visiting a café.

Evening Routine

6:00 PM - Chey begins her wind-down process, enforcing a strict cut-off from work.

She prepares and enjoys a home-cooked meal, often with a TV show for company.

A sweet treat is indulged in, followed by a relaxing walk before sunset.

The rest of the evening is spent in leisure, reflecting on the day and preparing for a restful night.

Discovering the Intersection

Photography and fashion unexpectedly collided in my career journey. I remember sitting in one of my fashion classes, knowing that while I didn’t want to pursue fashion directly, I genuinely loved something about it. After a particular class, one of my professors took me aside and told me I wasn’t cut out for the corporate world. And honestly, I agreed. The corporate path simply didn't resonate with me; it felt like wearing a shirt that didn’t fit me correctly.

At that time, I was doing photography on the side to support my education. And the idea of merging my two passions, photography and fashion, hadn't crossed my mind. I stumbled upon an unexpected job opportunity a few years after graduating, and this was a significant turning point in my career.

The ongoing journey of discovering my niche within the industry and drawing inspiration from it has remained an integral part of my professional growth and perspective.

Infusing Personal Style

Over the past several years, I've honed the ability to infuse my style and aesthetic into my work.This has come in handy for serving both the personalization of my work and enhancing my clients experience in the proces. It not only adds a unique touch but also showcases my ability to deliver a consistent and concise vision that aligns seamlessly with the overall project.

There can be a selfish duality to keeping your personal brand at the forefront of what you’re creating, but I think it becomes necessary to maintain a cohesive and harmonious approach to demonstrate consistency and precision in what I bring to the table.

On Her Style

If I could describe my style in three words, I would say, "Less is more."

Comfort is a forte. I for sure lean into the ease and relaxed feel of oversized T-shirts paired with loose-fitting pants and a pair of sneakers.

photos by jackie sterna

I'm huge on thrifting and maximizing the use of what we already have. In a world that encourages constant consumption and generates waste, I believe in reimagining and repurposing our existing resources. I don't think we need to buy new wardrobes or props for every photoshoot. Instead, I encourage using what's naturally available in our personal environments in creative ways.

"I think we could all learn a lot from scaling back and working with what we have."

Promoting sustainability on my sets is a top priority. Plus its a win-win for me. I take simple items like a white tank top and Levi's jeans and create diverse looks for different shoots, showcasing the versatility of working with what's on hand.

"Promoting sustainability on my sets is a top priority."

On Confidence

Confidence and personal style are like twin sisters. Confidence is captured in personal style & vice versa. When working with clients, I often ask what makes them feel the most authentic and confident. It's all interconnected... If someone genuinely feels their best in something unconventional, even as unconventional as a trash bag, I'm all for it, and we'll make trash bag fashion. Confidence sells.

Confidence and personal style are like twin sisters.

Taking the Freelance Leap

Transitioning into full-time freelance work marked a big, if not the biggest, risk in my independent career. Freelancing lacks the security associated with salaried positions. As a freelancer, you become responsible for your own sense of security, manage liability (which, incidentally, taught me the importance of contracts), and maintain self-motivation. You become the be-all-end-all, involved in every aspect of your work until, obviously, you decide to expand or begin delegating tasks. The journey of entrepreneurship is a constant learning experience!

Crafting Collaboration

I get to be creative for a living and "play"  with cameras. But aside from this, I find great fulfilment in collaborating and creating a space for something larger than myself. Co-creation and fostering an environment for growth are essential values for me. They bring such a unique perspective to each creative partnership.

On Authenticity

Authenticity is core to my brand. If I create anything that comes across as forced, I find it impossible to share. Whether it's a person or a brand, authenticity serves as a beacon that draws others in and fosters a stronger connection based on trust and genuine expression.

A Week in a Dream Job

Shooting multimedia stills and BTS moments on a film or television production set would be SO FUN. It offers a unique opportunity to showcase not only the actors but also the dedicated individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes. There’s a lot there to be seen—unveiling the curtain, if you will.

Navigating Stress

In life, we all experience highs and lows. I've come to appreciate that it's not so much about how we handle "the stress", but rather how we allow ourselves to adapt & flow with the stress itself. I'm a big verbal communicator so having someone who understands the scope of my world (being an entrepreneur) is really helpful when I need a sounding board.

A reminder from me to you: Humans are resilient, there's a lot to learn from challenging moments should we choose to see them as opportunities for growth. Remember to be kind to yourself in the process.

I'm naturally an overthinker and can get caught up in tough situations like anyone else. However, I've developed a practice of acknowledging the moment when something is challenging or stressful. This allows my future self to appreciate and navigate those moments with more grace and resilience.

I've also found that finding activities that counterbalance stress is immensely helpful. Whether it's immersing myself in a good book, putting on headphones to tune out the world, or indulging in a few bites of ice cream from the freezer, these small indulgences provide a sense of relief.

"We are literally floating on a rock in space so I try to remind myself that stress is only relevant in the ways we allow it to be."

On Disconnecting

Setting boundaries is the first step to effectively disconnecting from our careers without feeling guilty about it. I put myself in an environment that facilitates the ease of switching off and it allows space to tune into other sides of myself. I indulge in activities that feed my soul and naturally encourage a break from the constant demands of work. Things like browsing thrift stores, baking, reading, visiting the farmers' market, and exploring museums—anything to feed the soul and starve the ego.

Balanced Daily Rituals

My morning and night routines are sacred to me. I make it a point to hit the gym 5–6 times a week, not only to keep my body fit but also to prepare my mind for the day ahead. I use the sauna before my workout to center my mind before I do anything else in the day. It has become my own personal meditation time.

"Starting the day by doing something for ourselves sets a positive tone, allowing us to pour our energy into others without feeling drained."

Putting yourself first in small ways will always contribute to larger successes in life. At night, I have become regimented about winding down with my skincare routine. As I turn on the soothing red light and music, I find solace in this "me time," a precious moment when I tune out the noise of the world.

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