Does Australia Have the Coolest Fashion Brands?

Bibiana Obahor
May 23, 2024
There’s been countless times I find a cute dress online and get to checkout only to realize the brand is shipping from Australia. Why do all the cool fashion brands seem to be born there? If you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe with stylish and sustainable options, look no further than these Australian fashion labels. Here are eight Aussie brands that deserve a spot in your closet and what makes them so special.


Whenever I think of effortless cool, Aje immediately comes to mind. Edwina Forest and Adrian Norris have nailed the blend of raw beauty and tough femininity. Their collections feature hand-painted prints and artisanal techniques that feel both modern and timeless. What really makes Aje stand out for me is their commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship—each piece feels like a work of art and a testament to eco-conscious fashion.


If you’re into timeless simplicity, Posse is a must-know. Their minimalistic designs and neutral palettes highlight the power of understated fashion. I’m obsessed with their focus on sustainable production and quality craftsmanship. Posse’s pieces are incredibly versatile and perfect for building a wardrobe that transcends trends. They remind me that sometimes, less really is more.

St Agni

Byron Bay's St Agni is a go-to for luxurious minimalism. Their handcrafted leather goods and sleek designs are the epitome of understated elegance. I love how their branding emphasises quality and sustainability without sacrificing style. St Agni proves that luxury and ethical production can beautifully coexist, and their pieces are timeless investments.

Shona Joy

If you need something special for a special occasion, Shona Joy should be your brand of choice. Their intricate details and flowing fabrics create aspirational looks that make any event feel extraordinary. Shona Joy’s dedication to timeless elegance ensures their pieces remain wardrobe staples. Each dress feels like a red carpet moment waiting to happen.

Christopher Esber

For a modern twist on tailoring, Christopher Esber is unbeatable. His focus on structure and deconstruction creates a unique brand identity that’s perfect for those who dare to be different. Esber’s architectural precision and contemporary aesthetics make each piece a bold statement. His designs are for the fashion-forward who appreciate innovative, avant-garde fashion.

Deiji Studios

Deiji Studios perfectly blends comfort and style with their linen sleepwear and loungewear. Their pieces are practical yet chic, appealing to a lifestyle-focused audience. What I love most is their commitment to sustainability. Their sleepwear feels like a stylish hug, perfect for both lounging and sleeping.

Holiday the Label

Holiday the Label brings a fun, playful vibe to fashion with their retro-inspired prints and relaxed fits. Their vibrant social media presence and playful branding engage a young, trendy audience. I adore how Holiday the Label merges nostalgia with modern trends, creating pieces that are both unique and joyful. Wearing their clothes feels like a mini-vacation.

Bec and Bridge

Bec and Bridge consistently delivers sleek and sexy designs that make you feel confident and chic. Their bold, sophisticated imagery captures the essence of contemporary femininity. Bec and Bridge’s strong visual identity and consistent style have built a loyal following. Each piece is a statement, perfect for nights out or simply dressing up for fun.


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