Last-Minute Holiday Prompts for Entrepreneurs

Bibiana Obahor
December 6, 2023
Scrambling for last-minute holiday charm or gearing up for the next? If you're reading this and that familiar December panic is setting in, fear not. It's never too late to make the holidays unforgettable—for you and your customers. Here's your chic guide to last-minute holiday promotions that are sure to sprinkle a dash of sparkle on your customers' celebrations...

Get It Before Christmas

Your customers are looking for assurance that their presents will arrive on time. Highlight those crucial last-order dates, just like Adanola does, to guarantee holiday happiness lands on time.

Send a Hint

Sometimes, all your customers need is a little nudge. Create a 'Send a Hint' feature as seen on Sisters and Seekers, allowing buyers to drop a not-so-subtle hint to someone about their favourite holiday sweater. It’s playful, it’s clever, and it says 'I want this' without saying a word.

Holiday Campaigns

A holiday campaign should tell a heartwarming story. Take inspiration from Lie Studio to enrapture your audience with a narrative that celebrates the season's spirit. A captivating campaign can turn browsers into buyers, and buyers into your very own cheerleaders.

Complimentary Gift Wrap

This year, add that luxe touch with complimentary gift wrapping, à la Dior. Customers appreciate these thoughtful gestures, and it turns each purchase into a potential gift.

Gift Guides to Guide

Ease the gift-giving stress with a curated guide. It's the perfect assistant for your customers, helping them find the ideal gift from the comfort of their home.

Limited Holiday Collections

Create a sense of urgency with a limited holiday collection like Diptyque's, offering something unique that can only be captured during this festive period.

The Perfect Last-Minute Gesture

For those undecided shoppers, offer gift cards like Selfridges'. They are a fantastic way to ensure your customers can give the gift of their choice.

Festive Feeds

Lastly, sprinkle your social media with the spirit of the season. Draw inspiration from festive posts, like the ones on Rhode's Instagram that capture the holiday mood. Think sparkling graphics, warm wishes, and content that gets everyone in the mood for a holiday shopping spree.


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