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Rewriting the Rulebook on Skincare for Melanin-Rich Skin

Bibiana Obahor
October 19, 2023
Eadem has successfully decoded how to marry the science of skincare with the social dimensions of beauty, making it not just a commercial entity but a socio-cultural advocate. It is this multi-dimensional approach that not only fills a gap in the market but also sets a precedent for what truly inclusive skincare should look like.

Eadem represents more than a brand; it exemplifies a profound shift in how skincare can and should be approached for melanin-rich skin. In a market replete with generic solutions, its rigorous scientific focus, layered with authentic storytelling and prudent financial planning, positions it as a trailblazer for targeted skincare solutions.

Skin Science

While many skincare brands adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, Eadem's unique selling proposition revolves around its scientific commitment to melanin-rich skin. What this means in practice is a deep dive into dermatological research. For instance, hyperpigmentation is a particular concern for melanin-rich skin, and addressing it goes beyond merely developing a topical solution.

Eadem's approach involves looking at root causes—how melanin production varies in different skin types and what ingredients are effective yet gentle enough to address these specific concerns. By zeroing in on the science, Eadem isn't merely offering a product; it's offering a product that works, backed by measurable outcomes.


Many brands speak about diversity and inclusivity but struggle when it comes to impactful storytelling. Eadem stands out here by layering authentic narratives into every aspect of its branding. It's not about slapping a diversity label on the products but incorporating the lived experiences of women of colour into the brand’s ethos.

This approach manifests in their marketing materials, community engagements, and even in the stories that accompany product releases. It allows customers to see themselves not just as consumers but as part of a narrative that champions diversity and inclusivity. The end effect is an empowered community that champions the brand not just for its efficacy but also for its impact.

Self-Funding: The Untold Financial Strategy

In an industry flooded with venture-backed start-ups, Eadem’s self-funding model warrants a closer look. While many might consider self-funding limiting, for Eadem, it's a calculated strategy that underscores its independent streak.

This approach affords them the freedom to reject the fast-paced, often harmful beauty cycles, like creating 'new' products that provide little more than a novelty. They can spend the time they need to get the science right, to test meticulously, and to iterate based on genuine user feedback rather than investor expectations.

It's a slower route to market, perhaps, but one that aligns with their long-term vision for a more nuanced and equitable beauty industry.

Community Engagement

Digital outreach for Eadem is not about metrics, click-through rates, or conversion funnels. Instead, the brand is strategically utilising its platforms to construct a nuanced dialogue around skincare for people of colour. For instance, their interactive webinars aren't mere product promotions but educational modules that delve into the 'why' behind their products. So amazed by this 14 day difference! A few drops of Milk Marvel a day keep the dark spots away 🤩 #EADEM #hyperpigmentation #darkspots #skintransformation #darkspotserum #skinbeforeandafter ♬ original sound - EADEM

They pull in dermatologists, influencers who share the brand's vision, and real customers to talk openly about the struggles and triumphs of skincare specific to melanin-rich tones. Through this, they are not merely building a customer base but are pioneering a paradigm shift in how beauty brands interact with their audience.


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