Rhode Drops New Lip Tint Collection

Bibiana Obahor
September 23, 2023
Hailey Bieber's viral approach to glowing skin, and glossy lips has us all wanting to apply makeup in the most minimal yet effective way possible. So, it's no surprise that Bieber is now taking her steps into the world of colour cosmetics, commencing with the launch of four new lip tints...

At first glance, Rhode's packaging may have appeared unassuming to some, characterised by its understated shades of grey and white. It embodied a sense of simplicity, appealing strongly to those with a penchant for minimalist aesthetics yet sparking a desire for something more, among others. However, it's important to note that this seemingly modest packaging was a deliberate and carefully considered choice, underscoring the brand's strategic strategy.

This minimalist packaging, which some may have initially considered "boring," was a conscious effort to reflect a clinical skincare story. It exudes cleanliness, a dermatologist-driven approach, and a scientific aura. The absence of vibrant colours shifts the focus squarely onto the ingredients, a key aspect of skincare products. As Rhode made the leap into colour cosmetics, this simple packaging served a crucial purpose: to clearly distinguish between skincare and makeup products.


THE LIP TINTS. a powerful treatment + lip tint in one. we developed our new peptide lip tints by infusing our nourishing lip treat formula with a touch of color. available in 4 fragrance-free, sheer-but-buildable shades: 🩰ribbon: sheer pink 🍞toast: rose taupe 🍷raspberry jelly: crushed berry ☕️espresso: rich brown coming 9/28 at 9am PST. join the waitlist at 🫶

♬ original sound - KING OF GROOVES

For a young brand with a minimal product assortment, this clear distinction is invaluable. Rhode has successfully navigated this transition by maintaining the clinical, soothing aesthetic for skincare while adopting a more vibrant, enticing look for their lip tints. The visual appeal of Rhode's lip tint packaging is undeniable. The colours are not just beautiful; they are downright gorgeous. It's evident that this transition has been carefully orchestrated by a team of experts who understand the power of design in shaping perceptions and desires.

It's worth noting that the decision to launch a pigmented version of their best-selling Peptide Lip Treatment instead of venturing into entirely new makeup categories reflects Hailey's deep understanding of her audience. Rhode fans adore the OG Peptide Lip Treatment, often leading to it being sold out. By introducing a tinted version of this beloved product, Hailey ensures that she caters to the preferences of her loyal customer base.

Moreover, Hailey's personal connection to the shades of the lip tints adds a layer of authenticity to the product line. Each shade carries a story or sentiment, such as "Ribbon," which pays homage to her past life as a ballet dancer, or "Espresso," reminiscent of her love for rich coffee drinks. This personal touch enhances the brand's relatability and resonance with consumers.

Rhode's transition from skin care to colour cosmetics is a masterclass in packaging, branding, and strategy. Mark your calendars for the Rhode Peptide Lip Tints launching on September 28th, priced at £16 each.


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