Start Planning Your Holiday Marketing Strategies Now

The Desiree Team
October 26, 2023
Three in ten people have already started their Christmas shopping, a survey reveals, making it clear that the holiday season no longer waits for the last quarter to kick in. For brands, particularly small businesses, this offers a strategic advantage. The key is to start early, plan methodically, and execute impeccably.

Why Timing is Everything

A survey from The Industry indicates that nearly 30% of consumers have already begun their Christmas shopping. This consumer behaviour isn't just a stat; it’s a golden window of opportunity for businesses. Getting ahead of the game not only ensures that your brand will be part of the consumer's consideration set but also allows you to optimise inventory, logistics, and promotional activities. In essence, the early shopper trend is a precursor to consumer attitudes during the holidays, providing a 'weather forecast' for businesses to prepare.


The Domino Effect of Starting Early

An early start paves the way for layered and dynamic marketing campaigns. Brands can initiate a teaser campaign to build anticipation, followed by a sequence of targeted promotions leading up to the holiday season. Starting early also allows brands to test the waters; you can A/B test different marketing strategies, refine them, and then roll out the most effective one on a larger scale.


Stretched and Strategic Spending

The holiday season often sees a spike in advertising costs, owing to the increased demand. Early planning gives you the leverage to secure ad spots at a comparatively lower rate. Furthermore, a staggered marketing strategy allows you to evaluate ROI at each stage, ensuring that your budget is channelled into avenues that provide maximum returns.


Managing Inventory and Logistics

Early shoppers are planners, and your business should be, too. Starting your holiday marketing early isn't just about customer acquisition; it’s also about operational efficiency. Anticipating the demand allows for better inventory management, ensuring that popular items are well-stocked. Moreover, a smooth logistics strategy ensures timely deliveries, reducing the risk of customer dissatisfaction and negative reviews during a critical sales period.


Key Takeaways for Brands

  1. Understand the Early Shopper. Use data analytics and consumer insights to comprehend what drives the early shopper and tailor your campaigns accordingly.
  2. Staggered Campaigns. Utilise the time leading up to the holidays for layered, dynamic campaigns that engage the customer at multiple touchpoints
  3. Efficiency and Efficacy. Balance budget, logistics, and inventory for a seamless customer experience from discovery to delivery.


Early shoppers present an opportunity for brands to stretch the holiday shopping season, thereby optimising both revenue and customer experience. With three in ten consumers already in the shopping mindset, early marketing planning is not just advisable; it’s indispensable. Take this as a signal to buckle down and strategise how your brand can make the most of this extended window of opportunity.


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