A beauty line for women over 40, the denim worn by Kylie Jenner and Lori Harvey, and a haircare brand that's all about taking your time—discover the brand's on our radar this week.

Crown Affair

Crown Affair, founded by Dianna Cohen, started with a viral Google Doc, a passion for haircare, and exceptional storytelling. Nearing its fourth anniversary, the brand has doubled its annual revenue year-over-year, establishing itself in the hair and clean beauty space with a loyal following. Cohen, leveraging her experience at top DTC brands, including Away and Into the Gloss, created Crown Affair to focus on daily rituals and high-quality ingredients that transform hair health over time. The brand’s ethos, “take your time,” is evident in every aspect, from its serene colour palette inspired by Ed Ruscha’s art to the minimalist yet impactful logo co-created with Sho Shibuya.

Crown Affair’s community-driven and intentional product launches include collaborations with artists and distribution through retailers like Sephora and Goop. The brand's presence on TikTok, particularly with Cohen's “The Art of the Air Dry” tutorial, has garnered millions of views, demonstrating strong community interest in haircare storytelling and education. The Finishing Gel, launched in February 2023, became a viral hit, securing its place as one of Crown Affair’s top-selling products. This innovative gel, praised for its unique formulation that allows easy brushing without washing, took two years to perfect and exemplifies the brand’s dedication to intention, community, and innovation.

Crown Affair – Packaging Of The World

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Sarah Creal Beauty

Sarah Creal Beauty is a beacon of innovation in the beauty industry. Founded by Sarah Creal, a veteran with over two decades of experience at Estee Lauder Companies, this brand focuses on clean, high-performance skincare and makeup. Sarah Creal Beauty prides itself on transparency, using ethically sourced ingredients and sustainable practices to create products that are both effective and eco-friendly.

Creal’s journey in the beauty industry is storied and impressive. From iconic beauty companies like Prada Beauty, Estée Lauder, Tom Ford, L’Oréal, Bobbi Brown, and Victoria Beckham Beauty, she has been the force behind some of the world’s most beloved products. With the launch of her eponymous line, Sarah Creal Beauty, she aims to address the complex beauty needs of women over 40. The brand's focus on high-performance luxury beauty and skincare is revolutionary, with products specifically designed to enhance moisture, wear, and repair.

A Luxury Beauty Veteran Is Changing The Formula With Her New Brand

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A Vintage Fit

A Vintage Fit (AVF) originated from a passion for vintage denim and the challenge of finding such styles in today's market. The brand seamlessly blends nostalgic designs with custom fits, honouring the past while integrating contemporary elements. AVF offers tailored clothing, making it accessible to women globally. Their commitment to sustainability goes beyond their products, focusing on reducing fashion waste by promoting the reuse and recycling of clothing. By advocating for vintage fashion, AVF not only offers a chic alternative to fast fashion but also supports a more   thoughtful shopping experience.

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Lil Baby, and Lori Harvey are among the brand's devoted fans, frequently seen donning AVF’s distinctive denim pieces. The brand's Instagram feed, a vintage-inspired visual delight, showcases these stylish icons and the versatility of AVF's designs. The feed is a nostalgic journey through expertly styled outfits, capturing the essence of vintage charm blended with modern flair

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