Setting the table for luxury's most exclusive gatherings, turning a page from minimalist chic to maximalist charm, and evolving beyond its influencer roots into a sustainable fashion force, this week's round-up is a journey through luxury, and cutting-edge style.


Balbosté, a name increasingly synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, has made a formidable impact in the realm of high-end culinary experiences. This exceptional culinary team has garnered attention for orchestrating some of the most exclusive dinners for the luxury sector.

Their expertise lies not just in creating sumptuous menus but in crafting an entire atmosphere that complements the essence of luxury brands. The success and acclaim of Balbosté speak volumes about their unique approach to culinary arts, transforming meals into memorable, multisensory events.


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Acne Studios

Acne Studios, a trailblazer in the fashion industry, is known for its evolution from minimalist beginnings to embracing maximalist innovations. This transformation underscores the brand's commitment to staying relevant and avant-garde.

Acne Studios continually pushes the boundaries of fashion, melding its minimalist roots with bold, experimental designs. This evolution demonstrates the brand's ability to adapt and innovate, ensuring it remains at the forefront of fashion trends.


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T/ALA, founded by entrepreneur Grace Beverley, is a brand that has matured significantly since its inception. Initially perceived as an influencer brand, T/ALA has grown to establish itself as a serious contender in the fashion industry. The brand's philosophy revolves around sustainability and ethical practices, setting it apart in a market saturated with fast fashion.

T/ALA's success story is a testament to the potential of influencer-founded brands to evolve beyond their origins and make a substantive impact on the fashion landscape.


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