Unwrapping Success This Festive Season

The Desiree Team
November 8, 2023
The urgency to shop and the excitement around gift-giving create a unique dynamic that businesses can leverage to their advantage. But what strategies offer the most bang for your buck and fit the spirit of the season? This article presents a curated list of creative and effective marketing ideas for small business owners to thrive during the holiday shopping rush.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm: Pre-Holiday Teasers

In a digital age of constant bombardment with marketing messages, piquing your audience's interest well before the holidays arrive can give you a competitive edge.

Think about launching a '12 Days of Deals' campaign, but start teasing it weeks in advance. This serves a dual purpose—generating interest and conditioning your audience to expect fantastic offerings from you, thereby making your business a go-to holiday shopping destination.

Embrace the Gift-Giving Narrative

Take advantage of the season's focus on gift-giving by offering curated gift bundles.

Group together products or services that naturally fit as a 'gift set' and offer a slight discount on the bundle. The convenience of a ready-to-give package can be a strong selling point for time-pressed shoppers and can also facilitate cross-selling.

Virtual Holiday Events

While big brands might have the budget to host elaborate in-store events, small businesses can harness the power of digital platforms.

Conducting virtual holiday events—such as an online Christmas market—can attract a broader audience while minimising costs. It also enables participation from those who may not be able to visit a physical location, widening your brand's reach.

Seasonal Storytelling

Leverage your digital platforms to engage in some holiday storytelling.

A narrative that aligns your brand with the values and sentiments of the season can resonate deeply with your audience. However, be cautious—audiences are savvy and can quickly discern between genuine sentiment and disingenuous marketing. Authenticity is the key; a well-crafted, authentic story can work wonders in humanising your brand and fostering loyalty.

Social Media Countdowns: Tapping into Anticipation

Creating a holiday countdown on your social media channels can harness the anticipatory excitement that comes with the festive season.

Each day could reveal a new deal, a unique use for one of your products, or a fun piece of trivia related to your industry. The repetitive engagement can keep your brand top-of-mind, driving both online and in-store visits.

Utilise Local SEO

Holiday shoppers often look for local options to avoid shipping delays.

Optimise your online presence for local searches by updating your business hours, offering in-store pickup, and actively encouraging satisfied customers to leave reviews. This not only boosts your search engine rankings but also showcases you as a reliable, community-centric option.


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