A Trend We Want to See More Of: Selfie Lookbooks

Bibiana Obahor
April 8, 2024
Courrèges FW23
A quick browse through the Zara app or Alaïa's homepage might surprise you with unexpected images of models clutching their phones. As fashion seeks to become more relatable, it's embracing a trend where technology meets style. We're diving into the Selfie Lookbook—a trend that’s blending personal expression with high fashion, and one we’re excited to see evolve.

Fashion is constantly changing, and a new trend is emerging: the Selfie Lookbook. This trend blends style with technology and personal expression. On the runway, models are often seen using their phones as part of the show. This isn't just for fun—it's a key feature of the presentation.


During the early pandemic, when traditional photoshoots were impossible, fashion brands had to get creative. They used smartphones to bridge the gap, with models taking selfies as part of the collection displays, like at the Courrèges Fall 2023 show or Balenciaga’s Pre-Fall 2023 collection. Coach's Winter 2024 collection further cemented the trend, embracing the self-shot aesthetic.

alaia selfie collection glasses

Designers have long been playing with technology in their shows—Alexander McQueen's Spring 1999 presentation famously used robots to spray paint a dress. More recently, Balenciaga for Fall 2022 sent smashed phones as invitations. But the selfie trend is different. It doesn't just incorporate technology; it questions the very fabric of fashion's presentation in the digital age.

Attend any fashion show today, and it’s a sea of screens—phones raised to capture the moment, to curate one's own digital front row. This trend highlights the importance of smartphones not just as tools but as a core part of fashion's storytelling. It’s about being genuine and creating your own style narrative right from your phone, which is very much in tune with today’s push for authenticity and personal touch in fashion.

As we watch this trend grow, we have to ask: how do smartphones not just display fashion, but also shape it? In a world where a single selfie can make a style go viral, fashion is increasingly focusing on the individual's story. We're all part of telling that story now, making each of us a creator in our own right. We’re keen to see how more brands will embrace this trend, using selfies to make fashion even more personal and authentic.


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