Skincare in the Club: Topicals Takes Influencers on Trendsetting Trip to Ghana

The Desiree Team
January 15, 2024
Topicals' influencer trip to Ghana, featuring influencers Sierra Rena and 'Love Island's Duo Dami Hope and Indiyah Polack, and more, redefines marketing with authentic, culturally-rich #dettydecember celebrations, setting a new industry standard...

Topicals recently took 12 BIPOC influencers, including fashion stylist Sierra Rena and Love Island's Dami Hope and Indiyah Polack on a trip to Accra, Ghana. The trip, documented on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, received an overwhelmingly positive response.

Founded in 2022, Topicals has quickly become a favourite among Gen Z and millennials for its inclusive, science-backed skincare products. The brand's founder, Olamide Olowe, emphasises the importance of inclusivity and positive cultural exchange in their brand trips, a factor contributing to its success.

Experts like Emma Ferrara highlight the necessity for brands to be authentic and align their actions with their values. Missteps, particularly involving influencers, can escalate quickly in the age of social media. When compared to previous influencer trips by other brands, Topicals' approach stands out for its cultural sensitivity and genuine engagement. Unlike Tarte's Dubai trip, which was criticized for extravagance during a global crisis, Topicals' trip focused on cultural immersion and community engagement.

Topicals’ trip to Ghana reflected its brand identity, targeting an audience familiar with West Africa's 'Detty December' festivities. Abiola Babarinde notes that this approach creates a sense of FOMO, differentiating Topicals from brands that rely on exclusivity. In an Instagram post, Indiyah describes it as "Trip of the year...unforgettable trip with amazing people"

During their stay in Accra, the influencers engaged in a variety of activities that resonated strongly with their audiences. From exploring local markets to participating in traditional Ghanaian events, each moment was thoughtfully curated to reflect both the cultural richness of Ghana and the ethos of Topicals. Notable highlights included a skincare workshop using local ingredients and a fashion collaboration with Ghanaian designers, showcasing the intersection of beauty and local craftsmanship.

In an interview, Sierra Rena shared, "This trip wasn't just about promoting a product; it was a celebration of culture and diversity. It's rare to see a brand so genuinely invested in the stories and heritage of its audience." Olamide Olowe added, "Our goal was to create an experience that was as enriching as it was promotional. We wanted our influencers to connect with the heart of our brand—inclusivity and empowerment."

The aftermath of Topicals' Ghana trip was not just social media buzz but also a noticeable increase in brand awareness and product interest. Retailers reported a surge in inquiries and sales of Topicals products, particularly those featured during the trip. Moreover, the brand saw a significant growth in its social media following, with many new followers expressing appreciation for the brand's innovative approach to influencer marketing.

By intertwining cultural appreciation with brand promotion, Topicals set a precedent for future influencer collaborations. The success of this trip serves as a case study in how authenticity and thoughtful engagement can lead to a win-win situation for both brands and consumers in today's socially conscious market.

A deep dive into the social media analytics post-trip reveals a substantial increase in engagement rates for Topicals. Hashtags related to the trip, such as #TopicalsInGhana and #DettyDecember, saw significant traction. The influencers' posts garnered high engagement rates, with numerous comments and shares, indicating a strong connection with their audiences. This digital buzz not only enhanced brand visibility but also underlined the power of culturally nuanced marketing.

Consumer response to the trip and the featured Topicals products was overwhelmingly positive. On platforms like Reddit and beauty forums, users praised the brand for its innovative approach and authenticity. Many consumers expressed their newfound interest in Topicals, stating that the influencers' genuine experiences influenced their perception of the brand positively. This feedback highlights a shift in consumer expectations, where authentic experiences and social responsibility are increasingly valued.

Key Takeaways from the Trip

  1. Micro-Influencers: Topicals' collaboration with niche audience leaders added authenticity and impact.
  2. Cultural Nuance: The selection of Ghana during an important cultural period demonstrated awareness and respect.
  3. Product Placement: The subtle promotion of products, like branded eye patches at parties, was both memorable and engaging.

Topicals' influencer trip to Ghana exemplifies how brands can effectively leverage influencer partnerships in a way that is both culturally sensitive and authentic. This approach not only enhances brand image and awareness but also fosters a deeper connection with the target audience. As the landscape of influencer marketing continues to evolve, Topicals' trip serves as a benchmark for future campaigns, emphasizing the importance of cultural relevance, authenticity, and social responsibility.


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