Kylie Jenner Launches KHY

October 26, 2023
khy by Kylie Jenner
Move over, Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie Jenner is stepping into the sartorial world with her fashion brand, KHY. With a name that rolls as smoothly as the seriel entrepreneur herself, KHY is set to be more than a collection of clothes—here's everything you need to know about the anticipated launch...

Kylie Jenner knows how to make a statement. The beauty mogul took to Instagram to announce her new venture, captioning a photo, “Meet Khy.” She was clad in a leather trench, a striking piece from her upcoming collection. The trench features a high collar, cinched waist, and oversized shoulders — embodying an edgy, contemporary aesthetic. "Sign up at for early access," the caption further entices, although no official release date has been shared.

Since the announcement, speculation and anticipation have reached fever pitch, with fashion insiders and fans alike eager to see what Jenner will offer. Early indicators, from interviews and teaser photos, suggest a range that embraces a modern, edgy aesthetic without sacrificing versatility.

Kylie Jenner launches KHY

The initial drop is said to feature a mix of casual and statement pieces, including chic joggers, tailored blazers, and bold accessories. Pricing is speculated to be accessible yet aspirational, aiming to hit that sweet spot between luxury and affordability, much like Jenner's cosmetic line.

Upon launch, KHY will be available through an exclusive online portal and selected high-end retailers. Given Jenner's knack for creating hype, experts anticipate the products to sell out within hours of release.


Jenner's ventures in the beauty industry have been groundbreaking. Her foray into fashion isn't just another celebrity vanity project; it's a calculated business move. With a brand value that's as compelling as her social media reach, KHY could well be the next big name in celebrity fashion labels.

A New Benchmark for Celebrity Brands?

What sets KHY apart is Jenner’s dedication to quality and her understanding of her audience's needs and wants. The brand aims to offer not just clothes but a comprehensive lifestyle experience, echoing Jenner’s other ventures where the focus has always been on the consumer.

Kylie Jenner's KHY is not merely a fashion label; it's a blend of business acumen and style that promises to set new benchmarks in the world of celebrity fashion brands. As the fashion world eagerly awaits its launch, one thing is clear: KHY is a brand with intentions as ambitious as its founder.


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