Editor Shares her Favourite Brands, Tips and Tricks Again

Bibiana Obahor
July 15, 2024
bella hadid at erewhon
Nine times out of ten, you'll see me in Adanola sweats. My favourite brands and design tips are always changing, as they should. How to charge higher quotes for your design work, the real role of a logo, and more. I'm spilling it all here...

In the female intimates industry, you can find two bubbles: everyday comfort (think M&S and SKIMS) and feel-good lingerie (like La Perla and Boux Avenue). Enter Coucou Intimates, the best of both worlds. Rose Colcord, the founder, wants to create a new bubble entirely—combining comfort and elegance. I love brands that innovate, and I think Coucou is on the path to greatness. What stands out is their focus on community, thanks to Rose's genius use of Instagram as her canvas. Coucou isn’t just selling intimates; it’s building a lifestyle.

COU COU Luxury Designer Fashion | The New Trend

If you haven’t heard of Erewhon, it’s because it's an LA cultural icon that you unfortunately won't find in London. Celebs and influencers can’t get enough of their smoothies and organic goodies. What makes Erewhon work is their demographic and the lifestyle of their demographic—health-conscious, affluent, and always in search of the next big thing. It’s like matchmaking. Erewhon and Angelenos couldn’t be a more perfect match made in heaven. Their visibility on social media, boosted by celeb collabs, keeps them top of mind.

If you're under 25, I'm 99% sure you know about Adanola. The athleisure brand is everywhere. Seriously, it’s like a uniform. Their secret? Basics done right. High-quality, stylish, and affordable pieces that fit seamlessly into everyday life. Adanola gets it: we want comfort and style without the fuss. Their clean, chic aesthetic has made them a staple in athleisure. On days I don’t know what to wear, Adanola is my go-to.

Cult athleisure brand Adanola hosts its first Dubai pop-up this weekend

There’s a big misconception about logos—they’re not the be-all and end-all of your brand. Sure, a good logo is nice, but people don’t care about it as much as you think. What matters is recognition and how it fits into your overall visual identity. Think McDonald’s—we see the logo and think, “There’s a McDonald’s,” not “What a nice logo.” So, yes, get a good logo, but remember, it’s just one part of the bigger picture.

Starting a design business from scratch can be difficult for creatives because, annoyingly, we happen to be perfectionists. My advice? Focus on what you’re good at and what you love. Don’t wait for perfection; just start. Create an Instagram account and post consistently. Authenticity and consistency will build your brand.

If you want to charge higher fees, integrate research and strategy into your process. A solid brand strategy can transform your rates from low to premium—think 3k, 5k, even 10k for a project. Understand your client’s needs and deliver tailored solutions. That’s how you position yourself as a valuable expert.

Here’s a social media hack: content pillars. Identify 3–5 key themes and brainstorm content for each. It helps in planning and batching, ensuring a balanced mix. Maybe 50% educational, 30% personal, and 20% entertaining. Use data to see what works best and double down on it.

I’m currently obsessed with deep sailor blue paired with sunset orange. It’s tropical and summer-appropriate but works in colder seasons too. The blue adds depth, making it a versatile combo.

Work ethic is everything. Be reliable, dedicated, and disciplined. Stay organised and productive. Good work ethic isn’t about toxic hustle; it’s about consistent, high-quality output. Remember, determination leads to success.

Right now, I’m loving a modern serif with a classic feel. High contrast and geometric proportions give that sophisticated, timeless look. Perfect for a clean, elegant design.

I’m surprisingly into anti-design right now. Usually, I’m all about clean, minimal designs, but there’s something exciting about the edgy, limitless feel of anti-design. It’s a playful yet controlled approach that adds a unique touch to any project.



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