New Products the Team Loves This October

The Desiree Team
October 21, 2023
emi jay launches its angel stick
In this month's roundup, the team at Desiree Design Studio shares their current favourites. From beauty and fashion to lifestyle, discover what's been capturing our attention and why these items should be on your radar too.

Navigating the myriad choices in beauty, fashion, and design can be overwhelming. Who better to guide you than those who live and breathe this industry every day? Welcome to our monthly feature, where we get candid about our personal favourites.

Bibiana, Founder + Creative Director

Rhode Lip Peptide Tint

It's not every day that a product checks all the boxes for nourishment, aesthetics, and functionality. The Rhode Lip Peptide Tint does exactly that. Designed with a peptide-rich formula, it offers more than just colour; it serves as a treatment to rejuvenate your lips.

The verdict: I've long been a fan of Rhode's lip treatment, so when they released these tinted versions, I knew I had to try them. Not only do they offer a burst of colour, but they're also packed with peptides that rejuvenate the lips.

Skin Gym Workout Face Serum Sticks

A workout regimen for the face? Intriguing, yes; but more importantly, effective. The Skin Gym Workout Face Serum Sticks offer targeted treatment in an easy-to-apply format.

The verdict: I'm all about multitasking, and these serum sticks fit right into my busy schedule. With a quick swipe, my skin feels refreshed and revitalized, making them an indispensable part of my daily routine.

Victoria Beckham Fragrances

Victoria Beckham brings her iconic sense of style to the world of fragrance. These scents are not just aromatic masterpieces but also visual delights.

The verdict: I've always admired Victoria Beckham's style, and her fragrances are no different. The scents are beautifully complex, and the packaging is as compelling as the fragrance itself.

Melissa, Managing Editor

Emi Jay Angel Stick

Recently launched, on October 17th, the Emi Jay Angel Stick is poised to redefine hair care routines. This styling product is a blend of natural ingredients designed to tame flyaways and perfect your look.

The verdict  The Angel Stick promised not to only keep your hair in place but also nourish it at the same time. I've struggled with flyaways for as long as I can remember so I can't wait to get my hands on this.

Susanne Kaufmann Balancing Candle

When it comes to setting the ambiance, few things match the elegance of a luxury candle. The Susanne Kaufmann Balancing Candle is more than just a mood-setter; it's a statement.

The verdict: After a long day, lighting this candle feels like a ritual of serenity. The balanced scent transports me to a more peaceful state of mind, making it an essential part of my wind-down routine.

Mary, Mid-Weight Designer

Polo Ralph Lauren x Element Collection

Polo Ralph Lauren and Element have come together to create a collection that exemplifies the best in fashion design.

The verdict: This is fashion as art, and art as fashion. I'm a sucker for collaborations that bring together unexpected brands. This collection blends Polo's timeless designs with Element's edgy aesthetics, making it a unique addition to my closet.

Above the Clouds x ASICS GT-2160

If there's a footwear collaboration that captures both style and comfort, it's the partnership between Above the Clouds and ASICS. The GT-2160 series combines aesthetics with ergonomics.

The verdict: I've always struggled with finding footwear that's both fashionable and functional. This collaboration brings the best of both worlds, earning it a special place in my wardrobe.

So there you have it—a thoroughly curated list of our team's current favourites. Keep an eye out for our November edition where we'll explore products perfect for the winter season. Meanwhile, we'd love to hear about your favourites. Share them with us via Instagram @brandinsiderr or #BrandInsiderFaves.


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