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The Sustainable Vintage Brand to Know About

Melissa Jasmine
May 22, 2024
Sydney Jackson @Syduals
Sami Miró swapped tech for threads and never looked back. After thriving in the tech industry, she launched Sami Miro Vintage to blend her love for vintage fashion with sustainability. Learn how she’s shaking up the fashion world with her innovative designs and eco-friendly practices.

Sami Miro Vintage is more than just a fashion label; it’s a beacon of sustainability and innovation in the fashion industry. Founded by Sami Miró, a former tech professional turned fashion designer, the brand focuses on creating high-fashion pieces from upcycled vintage materials. This blend of sustainability and style has positioned Sami Miro Vintage as a standout brand in the eco-conscious fashion landscape.

How Sami Miro Turned Her Passion for Vintage into a Career | News | CFDA

From Tech to Fashion

Miró's journey into fashion was anything but conventional. With a background in marketing and a master’s degree in Global Entrepreneurship and Management, she initially thrived in the tech world. However, her passion for vintage fashion and sustainability led her to pivot towards a new career, launching Sami Miro Vintage. This transition was driven by a desire to create unique, high-quality garments while addressing the pressing issue of fashion waste.

A Commitment to Sustainability

At the core of Sami Miro Vintage is a commitment to eco-consciousness. The brand's ethos revolves around sustainability, with every step of their supply chain designed to reduce environmental impact. From sourcing deadstock and vintage fabrics to using SMV-exclusive plant-based and certified materials, Sami Miro Vintage ensures that their creations are both stylish and environmentally friendly. Their production processes are local, with all garments crafted within a 15-mile radius of their Los Angeles headquarters, further minimising their carbon footprint.

Sami Miro Vintage made a significant impact at New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024. The collection showcased Miró's talent for transforming vintage materials into contemporary, high-fashion pieces. Each garment told a story of sustainability, blending the past and present in a way that resonated with the audience. The collection was not only a visual treat but also a statement on the importance of sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

Celebrity Endorsements and Collaborations

The brand has garnered attention from numerous celebrities and has been featured in various high-profile collaborations. Notably, Sami Miro Vintage has worked with major names such as Levi's and Forever 21, bringing their sustainable approach to a broader audience. These collaborations have helped to amplify the brand's message, highlighting the importance of sustainability in mainstream fashion.

A Vision for the Future

Sami Miró's vision extends beyond just creating beautiful garments. She aims to challenge and change the fashion industry's approach to sustainability. By proving that high fashion and eco-consciousness can coexist, Sami Miro Vintage is setting a new standard for what it means to be a responsible fashion brand. Miró's dedication to sustainability is not just a trend but a core value that drives every aspect of her brand.

Sami Miro Vintage is redefining the fashion industry's approach to sustainability. With a unique blend of vintage aesthetics and modern innovation, the brand is proving that eco-conscious fashion can be both stylish and impactful. Sami Miró's journey from tech to fashion is a testament to her vision and commitment, making Sami Miro Vintage a brand to watch in the evolving landscape of sustainable fashion.


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