5 Sunscreen Brands That Get it Right

Bibiana Obahor
July 6, 2023
When we talk about brand identity, many people might think of logos, colour schemes, and taglines. But for these top sunscreen brands, brand identity goes much deeper than just visual elements. Effective branding plays a critical role in the success of these companies, helping them to differentiate themselves in a crowded market and connect with consumers who care about protecting their skin and the environment.


Vacation® is a sunscreen brand that has carved a unique niche in the industry by combining a nostalgic and fun brand experience with effective sun protection. With its focus on making sunscreen application enjoyable and personalised, Vacation® has successfully differentiated itself from competitors.

Vacation® takes inspiration from the carefree days of the '80s and early '90s when sunscreen was associated with tanning and leisure. Co-founder Marty Bell describes the brand as a mix of "The Office" TV show and Jimmy Buffett's brand world, creating a unique blend of humour and relaxation. By harking back to a time when sunscreen was more about fun than fear, Vacation® seeks to make sunscreen application a pleasurable experience.

The visual elements of Vacation®'s branding play a crucial role in capturing the essence of their nostalgic and fun approach. The packaging design, with its '80s-inspired aesthetics, uses bold colours like blue and yellow to evoke summer vibes and a sense of enjoyment. The use of vintage imagery, palm trees, and typography reminiscent of the era further reinforces the brand's identity and creates a visual connection with consumers.

Vacation® understands the power of storytelling in capturing audience attention. Their marketing efforts, particularly on Instagram, immerse followers in an imaginary '80s resort where the brand lives. Through captions that enhance the storytelling experience, Vacation® creates a sense of nostalgia and fun, encouraging engagement with its audience.

The brand's founders recognise that people are more likely to share experiences that are personalised and enjoyable. By reimagining sunscreen as a leisure-enhancing product, Vacation® offers an alternative to the more medicinal perception associated with sun protection. This unique approach aims to make sunscreen appealing, fun, and less of a chore, enticing consumers to embrace sun protection as part of their leisure activities.

In addition to sunscreen, Vacation® has expanded its product range to include an Eau De Toilette fragrance. Despite initial skepticism from advisors, this extension has proven to be a successful move. The fragrance, developed by renowned perfumers, captures the scent of summer and reinforces Vacation®'s reputation for having an enjoyable aroma. This diversification strategy not only attracts customers but also helps define the brand's identity beyond sunscreen.

Vacation® has successfully carved a unique space in the sunscreen industry by reimagining sun protection as a leisure-enhancing experience. Through a nostalgic and fun brand world, visually captivating packaging, engaging messaging, and a focus on personalisation, Vacation® has captured the attention of consumers seeking a sunscreen that goes beyond traditional notions. By combining modern science with a nod to the past, Vacation® offers a fresh perspective on sun care and sets an example for brand owners and marketers in the industry looking to make a mark by creating a distinctive and enjoyable brand experience.

Vacation® sets the tone for those building their own brands; strive to create a distinctive brand experience, leverage storytelling and visuals, personalise and make their products enjoyable, diversify their offerings, utilise social media effectively, combine modern science with nostalgia, and seek media coverage to stand out in a competitive market.

Naked Sundays

In the saturated market of sunscreens, where packaging often lacks excitement and innovation, one brand stands out with its captivating visual elements and millennial-focused messaging. Naked Sundays, a skincare brand founded by Samantha Brett, has redefined sunscreen packaging and marketing tactics to capture the hearts and imaginations of the Instagram generation.

Naked Sundays understands that sunscreen packaging is often perceived as monotonous and dry. To break free from this stereotype, they have embraced a visually stunning approach. The brand's packaging comes in a perfect purple hue, a colour associated with tranquility and self-care. Complementing this captivating shade is the presence of holographic logos, adding an element of surprise and delight. By infusing their packaging with vibrant colours and holographic accents, Naked Sundays ensures that their products are aesthetically pleasing and visually distinctive.

Apart from eye-catching visuals, Naked Sundays recognises the importance of convenience and portability. The brand offers packaging that is specifically designed to be the perfect size for any occasion. By creating products that can easily fit into any bag, Naked Sundays caters to the on-the-go lifestyle of their target audience. This emphasis on portability ensures that their sunscreen is accessible and ready to use whenever and wherever it is needed.

To resonate with millennials, Naked Sundays strategically crafted their messaging and marketing tactics. Their mission is to transform sunscreen into a must-have accessory for the insta-generation. By capturing the hearts and imaginations of this demographic, the brand not only aims to provide high-performance sun protection but also infuses their products with antioxidant-rich formulations that align with the desires of millennials.

Naked Sundays' marketing approach leverages millennial hues and incorporates pops of holographic logos, catering to the visual preferences of their target audience. Moreover, the brand proudly showcases its Australian heritage, highlighting the country's strict SPF regulations and the expertise associated with its skincare industry. By using native Australian extracts in their formulations, Naked Sundays emphasises their commitment to natural and effective ingredients.

Naked Sundays  successfully carved a niche in the sunscreen industry by revamping traditional branding approaches. With visually appealing packaging, a millennial-focused messaging strategy, and a commitment to high-performance formulations, the brand has captured the attention and loyalty of the Instagram generation. By bridging the gap between skincare, convenience, and aesthetic appeal, Naked Sundays has established itself as a prominent player in the sunscreen market. As other brands seek to make their mark in their own industry, they can draw valuable insights from Naked Sundays' innovative visual elements, compelling messaging, and strategic marketing tactics.


Ultra Violette, founded by Ava Matthews and Bec Jefferd, has emerged as a leading sunscreen brand in Australia, capturing the attention of sun-safe-savvy consumers and gaining a cult following. With a distinct visual identity and a focus on future-proofing the skin, Ultra Violette is setting itself apart in the sunscreen industry. Let's delve into the branding, messaging, and marketing tactics that have propelled this vibrant and innovative brand to success.

Ultra Violette's branding and packaging exude brightness, playfulness, and colour. Breaking away from the conventional colour scheme associated with sunscreens, Ultra Violette sought to create its own unique visual identity. Founder Ava Matthews had a clear vision in mind, with Yves Klein blue serving as a focal colour and pops of neon adding a modern touch. By collaborating closely with a talented designer, Ultra Violette achieved a distinct aesthetic that stands out from the crowd.

At the core of Ultra Violette's messaging is the notion of future-proofing the skin. Recognising that UV rays are the primary cause of premature aging, the brand emphasises the importance of incorporating sun protection into daily skincare routines. They position themselves as leaders of a new generation of sunscreens, catering to sun-safe-savvy consumers who prioritise long-term skin health.

Collaboration, dedication, and a shared belief in their mission have been instrumental in Ultra Violette's journey. Through fruitful partnerships and a commitment to innovation, the brand has successfully expanded into renowned industry retailers such as Adore Beauty, Mecca, Sephora, and Space Nk. This growth signifies the brand's ability to meet the demands of a discerning customer base.

In their quest for a comprehensive sun care range, Ultra Violette has continued to evolve. Their latest addition, the highly requested SPF 50+ called Fave Fluid, showcases their responsiveness to consumer needs and commitment to product innovation.

@ultravioletteau FAVE FLUID SPF50+ IS HERE!! 🤤 Vi’s here with a game-changing new SKINSCREEN™ that’s set to be your new Fave - yep, we’re calling it (literally!). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 💦 Ultralight, water-like texture 💦 Fragrance free 💦 Niacinamide to tone & soothe 💦 BEAUACTIVE to support pore size & pigmentation 💦 Soft, natural finish ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ All the yucky things associated with old-school SPF have now been mixed into this super-thin formula that delivers the highest-possible protection. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ SHOP FAVE FLUID NOW!! 🛍️ ##ultraviolette#favefluidspf50 #aussiebeautyfinds #spf #viralbeautyproducts ♬ money trees - 🍪

Ultra Violette has harnessed the power of social media, particularly Instagram, to connect with their audience. With over 115,000 followers, their online presence has grown steadily, fostering a dedicated community. This engagement on social media platforms reinforces brand loyalty and provides a platform for customers to share their experiences and recommendations.

For other brand owners, Ultraviolette offers valuable takeaways. Firstly, stand out from competitors by creating a distinct visual identity for your brand. Break away from conventional colour schemes and collaborate closely with a talented designer to bring your vision to life. Secondly, identify and partner with reputable industry retailers that align with your brand values and target market. Leveraging established retail channels can help increase brand visibility, accessibility, and credibility. And finally, stay informed about emerging trends, consumer preferences, and industry developments. Regularly monitor market dynamics and be willing to adapt your strategies and offerings to meet evolving customer needs.


Supergoop! has established itself as a prominent brand in the sunscreen industry, revolutionising the way consumers think about sun protection. By combining trust, fun, and new rituals for everyday clean sunscreen, Supergoop! has captured the attention of consumers and made a mark in the market. In this article, we delve into the visual elements of their branding, messaging, and marketing tactics, shedding light on the factors that set Supergoop! apart and providing valuable insights for brand owners and marketers aiming to make an impact in the industry.

Supergoop! underwent a brand refresh with the help of design agency Aruliden, aiming to align with their mantra of "Live Bright! Every. Single. Day." The packaging design employs a scalable visual strategy that brings clarity to the product portfolio while staying true to the spirit of Supergoop! The brand's signature yellow colour serves as a sunny pop across different product lines, unifying the packaging system and creating distinctiveness. This cohesive visual identity enhances brand recognition and aids in easy product differentiation for consumers.

Supergoop adopts a fun and playful aesthetic that sets it apart from traditional sunscreen brands. The brand's logo features a vibrant yellow sun with the word "Supergoop" displayed in playful, whimsical lettering. This design instantly catches the eye and conveys a sense of joy and excitement. Supergoop's website and social media platforms further enhance its playful branding through captivating images of people basking in the sun, engaging in outdoor activities, and enjoying life's moments. By showcasing the fun and positive aspects of sun exposure while emphasising the importance of sun protection, Supergoop establishes itself as a brand that makes sunscreen enjoyable and engaging.

To drive sustained brand and business growth, Supergoop! partnered with AKDM to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy. The approach covered various digital channels, including SEO, paid social, display, digital video, and paid search. By focusing on building a strong direct-to-consumer (DTC) business, Supergoop! future-proofed its model and achieved remarkable success, even during the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic. This strategic shift allowed the brand to thrive while retail partner sales underperformed.

Supergoop! recognised the importance of expanding beyond its core demographic of Millennial women. AKDM's marketing strategy aimed to target second-tier audiences and emerging urban centres, tapping into new consumer segments. By conducting thorough analyses and leveraging first-party data, Supergoop! successfully engaged men and parents, broadening its customer base and driving significant growth. Testing various channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and native advertising, allowed the brand to optimise campaigns and exceed initial growth targets.

@supergoop Stop by the Everything Under the Sun pop-up for summer fun at 277 Bleecker Street from 11 AM - 7 PM, while supplies last ☀️ #supergoop #popup ♬ original sound - 💸💋💌

Supergoop! distinguishes itself through its creative and engaging content, presented across social media platforms. Each post is meticulously crafted, featuring animated product shots, videos, self-care routines, makeup tutorials, memes, and infographics. While each piece of content feels fresh and unexpected, they are tied together cohesively through the brand's distinct visual identity. Supergoop! understands the importance of educating its audience. Through founder videos, expert insights, and factual information, the brand establishes trust, communicates the functional benefits of sunscreen, and creates a sense of need. This educational approach fosters credibility and cultivates brand loyalty.

For other brand owners in the sunscreen industry, Supergoop offers valuable takeaways. Firstly, embracing a fun and playful aesthetic can create a more enjoyable and engaging experience for customers. Consider incorporating vibrant colours, playful typography, and visually appealing designs that evoke a sense of happiness and playfulness. Secondly, highlight the benefits of using sunscreen beyond simple protection. Emphasise the ability to enjoy the sun without harming the skin, promoting the idea that sunscreen enables individuals to fully embrace outdoor activities and make the most of their time under the sun.

Supergoop! has successfully differentiated itself in the sunscreen industry by combining innovative branding, a comprehensive marketing strategy, engaging content, and a commitment to education and trust-building. The brand's visual elements, packaging design, and holistic marketing tactics have played a crucial role in its success. By redefining the sunscreen experience, Supergoop! has captured the attention and loyalty of consumers, making a lasting impact in the market. For brand owners and marketers seeking to establish themselves in the industry, Supergoop!'s journey provides valuable insights and inspiration for creating a standout brand in the competitive sunscreen market.

Dune Suncare

With its clear gel sunscreens, inclusive messaging, and unique marketing tactics, Dune Suncare has set itself apart from the competition, providing valuable insights for brand owners and marketers seeking to make a mark in the sunscreen industry.

Dune Suncare is a brand founded by Emily Doyle and Mei Kwok. The brand aims to provide a solution to common issues experienced with traditional sunscreens, such as white cast problems, lack of innovation, and high prices. Emily, with fair skin and a love for skincare, and Mei, an avid surfer with a darker complexion, combined their experiences and passions to create Dune Suncare.

Dune Suncare's messaging is a key factor in its success. By addressing common pain points experienced with traditional sunscreens, such as white cast problems and lack of innovation, the brand resonates with its target audience. Mei Kwok, an avid surfer with a darker complexion, and Emily Doyle, a fair-skinned skincare enthusiast, combined their experiences and frustrations to create a sunscreen that caters to diverse skin tones and offers skincare benefits. This inclusive approach sets Dune Suncare apart, emphasising its commitment to providing a solution for all sunscreen users.

The founders of Dune Suncare have embraced authenticity and personal storytelling as a way to connect with their audience. Emily and Mei share their own struggles and motivations behind creating the brand, creating a relatable image. By openly discussing their frustrations and passion for change, they establish a genuine connection with consumers. This personal touch adds depth to the brand and fosters a sense of trust and authenticity among its customers.

Dune Suncare goes beyond product innovation and affordability by incorporating social impact into its brand strategy. The brand donates 1% of every purchase to a nonprofit organisation chosen by the customer. This commitment to giving back to the community resonates with consumers who prioritise supporting socially responsible brands. By aligning their business with a social cause, Dune Suncare not only creates a positive impact but also establishes a deeper emotional connection with their customers.

Dune Suncare has strategically expanded its retail reach from large chains to small boutiques. This deliberate approach allows the brand to tap into different customer segments and gain exposure from a diverse range of consumers. By targeting both established retailers and smaller, specialised boutiques, Dune Suncare maximises its visibility and reaches a broader audience. Furthermore, the brand benefits from direct feedback and engagement with customers who discover their products in these boutique settings, enabling them to refine their offerings and build a loyal customer base.

Dune Suncare has emerged as a trailblazer in the sunscreen industry, setting new standards through its clear and inclusive messaging, authenticity, social impact, affordability, and strategic retail distribution. By addressing the pain points of traditional sunscreens and aligning their brand with consumer values, Dune Suncare has successfully carved out a niche for itself. As the sun care market continues to grow, the insights provided by Dune Suncare's branding and marketing tactics serve as valuable lessons for brand owners and marketers seeking to make their mark in this competitive industry. With its innovative approach, Dune Suncare paves the way for a brighter future in sun care, where accessibility, inclusivity, and social impact take centre stage.

In the highly competitive realm of running a business, effective branding becomes the defining factor that propels certain companies to success while leaving others behind. These sunscreen brands have all demonstrated their prowess in the industry through careful consideration of visual elements, messaging strategies, and marketing tactics. By examining the key takeaways provided, aspiring brand owners can chart their own course towards triumph in the sunscreen market. It is crucial to recognise that a thoughtfully crafted brand identity, combined with targeted messaging, can truly make a world of difference in captivating your audience and ensuring your sunscreen brand stands out amidst the crowd.

Aspiring brand owners can glean valuable takeaways from these successful sunscreen brands. Firstly, investing in a visually appealing and consistent brand identity that resonates with the target audience is crucial. Vibrant colours and captivating imagery can create an instant connection with consumers. Secondly, tailoring messaging to the specific desires and needs of the target market is vital. Understanding their aspirations allows brands to craft compelling messages that resonate on a deeper level. Lastly, embracing differentiation by identifying unique selling points that set your brand apart from competitors is key. Whether it's sustainability, organic ingredients, or product effectiveness, highlighting what makes your brand special will attract and retain loyal customers.

In conclusion, effective branding is the linchpin that separates thriving sunscreen brands from the rest of the competition. The successes of Vacation Inc., Naked Sundays, Ultraviolet, Supergoop, and Dune Sun Care serve as inspirations for aspiring brand owners. By developing a visually appealing identity, tailoring messaging to the target audience, and embracing differentiation, brands can forge their own path to success in the sunscreen industry. Remember, a well-crafted brand identity coupled with targeted messaging can make all the difference in captivating your audience and ensuring your sunscreen brand stands out in a crowded market.


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