From the sea to the streets and into your bathroom, these brands are making serious waves in their industries. We're talking: turning canned fish into a gourmet experience, retro-inspired sportswear, and a toothpaste brand that's taking a bite out of plastic waste.
From the sea to the streets and into your bathroom, these brands are making serious waves in their industries. We're talking: turning canned fish into a gourmet experience, retro-inspired sportswear, and a toothpaste brand that's taking a bite out of plastic waste.


Fishwife has emerged as a remarkable case study in the world of food startups, capturing the essence of successful innovation through a unique visual identity. With their venture into the traditional European concept of tinned fish, Fishwife has not only revitalised an age-old culinary tradition but also tapped into the evolving American palate. The brand's astute recognition of the growing demand for healthy, convenient, and sustainable options, particularly during the pandemic, has been instrumental in its success. Becca Millstein and Caroline Goldfarb's decision to start with a focused range of products, including Smoked Atlantic Salmon, Smoked Rainbow Trout, and Smoked Albacore Tuna, speaks to their strategic acumen. By refining flavours and honing in on simplicity, they've ensured that their products resonate widely. This streamlined approach has paid off, with Millstein expressing her early confidence in the venture: "From the beginning, I felt basically one hundred percent confident."

Central to Fishwife's triumph is its impeccable branding. The brand's packaging, adorned with eye-catching illustrations of topless mermaids and whimsical fish, stands out vividly in today's visually driven market. This bold visual identity, in stark contrast to conventional canned fish labels, has captured the attention of both consumers and social media audiences. The brand's co-founder, Becca Millstein, acknowledges the allure of their packaging, stating that their unique aesthetic garners interest and curiosity from customers and even sceptics. The success of their limited-edition collaboration with Fly By Jing, featuring a can of smoked Atlantic salmon dressed with Sichuan Chilli Crisp, exemplifies Fishwife's innovative approach to flavours and products. Millstein's reference to their product as "a little salty, a little sweet" and their goal to let the fish's flavours shine encapsulate the brand's dedication to simplicity.

Quotes from Millstein highlight the brand's forward-thinking ethos. Her mention of potentially incorporating invasive species into their offerings showcases their commitment to sustainability and addressing environmental challenges. Their strategy of introducing new, lesser-known species through the familiar canned format presents an exciting avenue for culinary exploration. Furthermore, Fishwife's ability to pivot from a nostalgic Mediterranean concept to a contemporary American market, without compromising on authenticity, demonstrates their adaptability and market sensitivity.


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Sporty & Rich

Sporty & Rich, initiated by Emily Oberg, began as an Instagram mood board embodying the 80s and 90s blend of luxury wear and sportswear. This nostalgic aesthetic transformed into a clothing brand resonating with the "American girl next door" concept, influenced by figures like Lady Diana in her sporty attire. The brand's minimalist designs often convey wellness-related messages, forging a strong visual identity.

Sporty & Rich's growth from an Instagram mood board to a comprehensive fashion brand signifies Oberg's organic progression. Collections now extend beyond embroidered logo t-shirts and hoodies to collaborations with renowned retailers like Luisa Via Roma and Selfridges. The brand's commitment to sustainability is evident through transparent practises and the launch of the Sporty & Rich Wellness Club, reflecting its holistic approach to well-being.

However, the brand also navigated challenges, notably during the pandemic. A surge in orders strained operational capacities, leading to customer complaints. Additionally, a well-intentioned message encouraging healthy eating sparked controversy, revealing the intricacies of brand messaging. Despite these hurdles, Sporty & Rich stands as a testament to the potential of transforming digital inspirations into influential lifestyle brands through genuine connections, aesthetics, and values.


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Bite, founded by Lindsay McCormick, is a revolutionary brand tackling the environmental drawbacks of traditional toothpaste packaging. Lindsay's concern for the massive plastic waste generated by toothpaste tubes led her to create a more sustainable solution: toothpaste tablets. These tablets are hand-pressed using organic ingredients, providing an eco-friendly alternative to conventional toothpaste.

Bite's innovation lies in its tablet format, which eliminates the need for plastic tubes. Packaged in glass containers with metal lids, the tablets are not only environmentally conscious but also all-natural and vegan, excluding chemicals like fluoride and sodium lauryl sulphate. The tablet form allows for precise dosing and minimises product waste. This design also makes them ideal for travellers, as they are not categorised as liquids and bypass TSA restrictions.

Bite's commitment to sustainability extends beyond its products to its packaging, which is intended to be refillable for subscribers, further reducing waste. By addressing the toothpaste packaging problem and offering a practical solution, Bite emerges as a brand that appeals to environmentally conscious consumers seeking alternatives to traditional personal care products.


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