Italian fashion marvels to the fusion of beauty and healthy habits, along with a fresh perspective on slow fashion, these are the names that have caught our attention in this week's round-up.


Marni, the Italian outlier in the world of fashion, offers a masterclass in a calculated expansion that distinguishes it from its peers. A brand born not out of immediate trends but guided by a patient and purposeful approach, Marni has steadily carved a unique identity. With a strategic focus on measured growth, the brand's journey has been marked by deliberate steps, a rarity in an industry driven by the next big thing.

Marni's success is intertwined with its ability to resist the allure of chasing trends. It's a brand that doesn't merely react to the market's demands but instead crafts its own path. From introducing footwear in 1998 to strategically opening its inaugural store in London in 2000, Marni's expansion has been a testament to the power of the long game. This foresight is further exemplified in the brand's entry into the e-commerce realm during the mid-2000s, a move that demonstrated Marni's adaptability and vision. By catering to a segment of the luxury market that was already exploring online shopping, the brand showcased its knack for understanding its clientele's evolving preferences.

"Commitment to the Marni brand, rather than to immediate profits, has been central to the brand's longevity and appeal," echoes Franceso Risso, the brand's Creative Director. This commitment threads through every aspect of Marni's journey, from its gradual expansion to its meticulous fabric choices. Marni's strategic resilience stands as a beacon of branding prowess, offering a profound lesson in how calculated growth, astute branding, and enduring style can harmoniously coexist in the ever-changing realm of fashion.


Instagram: @marni

Frankly Good Cosmetics

Frankly Good Cosmetics has carved a distinctive niche in the ever-evolving beauty industry, presenting a compelling case study in the synergy of traditional practises and modern innovation. Founded by Croatian pop star Franka, the brand's triumphs reside in its masterful melding of nature's bounty and state-of-the-art scientific advancements.

Anchored in the ethos of natural authenticity, Frankly Good's triumph lies in its artful incorporation of lab-crafted ingredients alongside time-honoured elements. This strategic juxtaposition not only aligns with contemporary trends but also reflects a deep understanding of the nuances of modern beauty demands. Frankly Good's strategic foresight, evident in their product formulation, is mirrored in their branding. The name "Frankly Good" encapsulates the brand's transparent approach, while the slogan "Beauty of Healthy Habit" subtly nudges consumers towards cultivating a holistic beauty regimen.

The brand's visual identity, conceived in collaboration with the renowned Bruketa&Zinic&Grey Agency, encapsulates Frankly Good's core essence. A stylized icon, reminiscent of a coat of arms, symbolises protection and regional heritage, rooted in the Croatian landscape. This emblematic emblem is juxtaposed with the rounded forms of the logotype, offering a blend of tradition and modernity. Frankly Good's success is not just skin deep; it's intertwined with their commitment to education about the importance of healthy habits, transparent communication about ingredients, and a genuine ethos of sustainable beauty.

In a beauty industry propelled by trends, Frankly Good has exhibited a remarkable strategy of timelessness. By crafting a brand ethos that advocates for both natural goodness and the merits of scientifically formulated compounds, the brand bridges generational gaps. The symbiosis between external radiance and inner well-being encapsulates the very spirit of holistic beauty. As the brand embodies tradition, modernity, and authenticity, it serves as an exemplar of the beauty industry's evolution towards a more harmonious future.


Instagram: @its.franklygood


CULTNAKED, a renowned slow fashion brand, has redefined the fashion landscape by artfully marrying comfort and femininity. This innovative label, guided by a seasonless approach, offers a fascinating case study on how to break the mould with unconventional strategies. By creating functional yet stylish pieces designed for real life, CULTNAKED delivers a unique blend of usual actions presented in extraordinary ways.

At the heart of CULTNAKED's ethos lies a commitment to empower women by fostering confidence and embracing their sexuality at every juncture. The brand boldly champions the female body as a cult, encapsulating this mantra in both its creations and its narrative. A noteworthy aspect of CULTNAKED's philosophy is its sustainable creation approach. Eschewing the overproduction common in the industry, the brand has implemented a novel strategy of producing garments on demand. This not only aligns with the brand's ethos of personalised customer engagement but also reduces the environmental impact and promotes quality control.

The brand's innovative design philosophy extends to its visual identity, blending modern and traditional aesthetics. It's a brand that has not only captured the fashion market but has also earned a celebrity fan base, including Ariana Grande, Megan Fox, and Kendall Jenner. The brand's agility in adapting to the ever-changing industry dynamics, evidenced by its diversified wholesale business and expansion into new categories, has secured its position as a resilient force in the fashion world.

The narrative of CULTNAKED takes a profound turn with its survival during Ukraine's war crisis. Founder Mary Furtas's determination and resourcefulness in navigating this tumultuous period exemplify the brand's resilience. When challenges arose, she swiftly transitioned to a wholesale approach, ensuring that the brand's creations continued to find their way to consumers. This adaptability, complemented by Furtas's business acumen and influencer status, underscores the brand's unique success story.


Instagram: @cultnaked


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