Silk that drapes like a dream, loungewear that exudes understated elegance, and algorithms that redefine beauty, this edition of the Brand Insider Round-Up is a tour-de-force of innovative design and strategy.


A vision stemming from nostalgic recollections, MAISON ESSENTIELE has been turning heads since its inception in 2018. The founder, Olivia Koennecke, cleverly identified a lacuna in the market for luxurious yet affordable silk sleepwear. This pursuit took her more than a year, culminating in grade 6A silk products that not only enhance comfort but also exhibit sartorial sophistication.

With a background in fashion's multifaceted industries, including retail and public relations, Koennecke is both an example and a reminder of how intensive research and planning can lead to impeccable execution.


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The Frankie Shop

As the pandemic beckoned a wardrobe evolution, Gaelle Drevet offered just what the world was craving: casual but chic loungewear. Her label, The Frankie Shop, garnered international attention, swiftly cementing itself as a must-have for celebrities and influencers alike. The brand managed to offer a straightforward yet captivating proposition—everyday clothes that are far from mundane.

Drevet's ability to anticipate consumer needs demonstrates a knack for staying ahead of fashion trends. Environmental responsibility is also on the radar for this New York- and Paris-based brand, with plans for greener fabrics in their upcoming collections.


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The Unseen Beauty

Challenging the norm and pushing boundaries, Unseen Beauty is more than just another skincare brand—it's a scientific marvel. Leveraging the latest in dermatological research and employing machine learning algorithms to understand individual skin types, the brand positions itself at the nexus of technology and personal care.

With a customer-centric approach, Unseen Beauty offers personalised solutions that are as unique as the individual's skin. Combining this with a sustainably sourced, cruelty-free ethos, the brand is carving out a niche in an already saturated market.


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