From the democratization of beauty with eco-friendly formulations, to a one-stop-shop for sustainable style, and a fragrance house daring to rewrite the olfactory rulebook, read on for this week's spotlighted brands.

Tower 28

Transparency is the cornerstone of Tower 28, a brand that has quickly become synonymous with clean, accessible beauty. Founded by Amy Liu, a seasoned executive in the beauty industry, the brand was born out of a personal struggle with eczema.

Recognising the need for products that cater to sensitive skin without sacrificing quality, Tower 28 has launched a range of cosmetics that are devoid of harmful ingredients and are dermatologist-tested. Notably, their multi-purpose SOS Spray has garnered extensive accolades, acting as a linchpin for the brand's rapid growth. While already making a significant impact in the United States, Tower 28 is setting its sights on the global market with plans for international distribution.


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The Dress Room

Bridging the gap between style and substance, The Dress Room serves as a curated fashion platform that brings together a medley of high-quality, sustainable clothing brands. From casual wear to formal attire, their offering is tailored to meet the sartorial needs of a discerning clientele. The Dress Room not only prioritises the procurement of ethical and environmentally-friendly brands but also emphasises the importance of individual style and self-expression.

With a well-structured online portal and user-friendly interface, shopping is transformed into an intimate experience. Their ability to meld fashion-forward aesthetics with sustainable sourcing practices underscores a brand ethos that resonates strongly in the current consumer landscape.


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New Notes Parfum

New Notes Parfum is a label that boldly challenges traditional paradigms of the perfume industry. Employing a vocabulary that moves away from the conventional 'top,' 'middle,' and 'base' notes, the brand uses a unique blend of olfactory elements to create complex and multi-dimensional scents. They prioritise sustainably sourced, cruelty-free ingredients, striking a balance between ethical responsibility and olfactory excellence.

Perhaps most intriguing is their commitment to narrative storytelling; each perfume is designed to encapsulate a specific experience or emotional journey, thus transforming fragrance into a form of non-verbal communication. As the brand matures, it aims to broaden its collection, providing an ever-expanding olfactory library that resonates with an equally diverse clientele.


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