The Design Team Share Their 2023 Font Picks

The Desiree Team
December 12, 2023
IMAGE CREDIT — nicky laatz
Type is the foundation of design, and at our studio, we're nothing short of obsessed with picking the right font family for each and every design project. From the elegantly classic to the bold and artsy, here are our typography top picks...

1. Ugly Dave Yuck

A font that playfully contradicts its name, Ugly Dave Yuck offers a handwritten charm, ideal for adding a personal touch to creative projects.

2. Dirty Stains

Capturing the essence of urban grit, Dirty Stains is perfect for designs that channel a raw, edgy aesthetic.

3. Neue Helvetica

A quintessential choice, Neue Helvetica is renowned for its versatility and timeless appeal in various applications.

4. Mencken

Named after the iconic journalist, Mencken combines traditional elegance with a contemporary edge, suitable for both print and digital media.

5. Eighties Comeback Serif

Eighties Comeback revives the bold spirit of the 1980s with a modern flair, ideal for retro-inspired projects.

6. Eiko

Characterized by its geometric simplicity, Eiko is a minimalist's dream, lending a clean, modern look to any design.

7. Arizona

Reflecting the rugged beauty of the American Southwest, Arizona is suited for designs that require an organic, adventurous feel.

8. IvyPresto

Blending classic elegance with modern sophistication, IvyPresto is a versatile choice for high-end editorial and branding.

9. Ramona

Ramona is an expressive display font that adds energy and character to creative works. We love how dynamic and vibrant it is.

10. Saint Regus

Offering a quirky and bold feel, Saint Regus is ideal for designs those playful designs, hoping to stand out.

11. Germani

Inspired by German typography, Germani exudes boldness and assertiveness, perfect for impactful headlines and posters.

12. Auge

Balancing artistic style with functional design, Auge is well-suited for contemporary, design-forward brands.

13. Gresua

With its organic, bold character, Gresua is the perfect choice for brands going for that retro vibe.

14. Eros Typeface

Named after the Greek deity, the Eros typeface embodies romance and elegance, fitting for luxury and fashion-oriented projects.

15. SK Modernist

A geometric, avant-garde font, SK Modernist adds a clean touch to design projects.

16. Lokanova Std

Merging clarity with modern aesthetics, Lokanova Std is ideal for conveying messages with style and precision. A go-to for posters and headers.

17. Ampun Suhu

We love a hand-written signature font. Creative and unconventional, Ampun Suhu challenges the norms, suitable for designs that aim to be distinctive.

18. Taxi

Reflecting the fast-paced nature of urban life, Taxi is perfect for projects that require a dynamic, energetic feel.

19. Lunette

Exuding classic elegance, Lunette is well-suited for high-end editorial work and branding projects requiring a refined touch.

20. Moret

Symbolising modern luxury, Moret is our top choice for premium brands, offering sophistication and style.


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