Weekly Musings: 03.03.24

March 3, 2024
tarte cosmetics influencer trip to bora bora, fenty beauty
E.l.f. Beauty opens London office and whatever happened to the "Fenty Beauty" Effect? Plus we predicted the rise of chrome across all industries...
  • E.l.f. Beauty opens London office: The move signifies the brand's expansion and strategic move to establish a stronger presence in the UK market. This could enhance their European operational capabilities and signify their commitment to global growth.
  • Whatever Happened to the “Fenty Beauty” Effect? The beauty industry's response to the call for diversity, notably after Fenty Beauty's launch, has been mixed. While some brands have expanded their shade ranges, the effort often lacks depth, failing to match the diverse undertones of darker skin. The issue extends beyond foundations to other products like concealers and bronzers. Honestly, I don’t know why it’s surprising that we don’t just want a brand to act like they’re inclusive, but to actually be inclusive. Certain brands just don’t care to put in the time or effort to acknowledge every skin tone. Apparently, it’s expensive to get it right, but then there are brands like Tarte in Bora Bora. That’s right, Tarte is flying out influencers again (after all that drama last year). Before the trip had even started, influencers were gifted with Jordans, a CANON G7X camera, Beis bags, and more. They were flown out on private jets, and it all seems a little out of touch. Or am I just jealous? There are a lot of strong opinions on TikTok; just search “tarte bora bora” and go through the comments. But it goes back to what I said about avoiding indifference. Tarte still made its way into your discussion, whichever side you're on, and these brand trips are just indirect marketing.
  • What 8 DTC brands are talking about in 2024: direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, which initially focused on selling directly to customers online to keep prices low, are now partnering with retailers to reach more customers. This shift is a result of the evolving market and the need for growth. Key takeaways include:
    • APL highlighted the benefits of wholesale as a form of marketing and shared their success in various high-end retailers.
    • Crocs emphasised the importance of balancing direct sales with wholesale to effectively reach a broad audience.
    • Glossier aimed to build a long-lasting brand by connecting with consumers on an emotional level across various channels.
    • Lovesac focused on creating durable, customizable furniture, seeing strong returns on advertising spend.
  • These insights reflect a broader trend where DTC brands are adapting to market demands and exploring new strategies for expansion and customer engagement.
  • Huda Kattan Is Back as CEO of Huda Beauty, and She’s Redesigning Her Brand: Huda Kattan has announced a major rebrand for Huda Beauty, including a new logo, brand identity, and packaging. This change, set for completion by the end of the year, comes as Kattan retakes her position as CEO, aiming to bring back her vision to the brand's core. The rebranding will also see the discontinuation of certain products, including the Glowish line, as part of streamlining the product portfolio. I’m excited to see how this will look…
  • Will Gen-Z Buy Anything Millie Bobby Brown Sells? Despite a robust social media following and the expansion into diverse product lines, there's a discernible gap between fan admiration for Brown and actual product purchases. This scenario raises questions about the brand's actual market impact versus its perceived popularity, largely fueled by Brown's celebrity status. While celebrity-founded brands can leverage fame for initial traction, long-term success hinges on product quality and brand authenticity that resonates with consumer needs and preferences. Maybe Florence should take a page out of Skims’ playbook.
  • The rise of chrome across all industries: The anticipation of the 2024 Paris Olympics is influencing fashion trends, with Vogue predicting a rise in metallics, particularly gold, silver, and bronze, reflecting the event's medals. Pinterest's trend report, "Hot Metals," highlights a shift towards metallics, driven by Gen Z and Millennials, affecting fashion and interior design. This crossover trend is also seen in packaging design, as observed at Luxe Pack LA and in new products on Sephora, showcasing chrome's increasing popularity across beauty, beverages, and beyond. Chrome's polished and authoritative aesthetic is expected to become more prominent in packaging design, indicating a broader application in the near future. I called it! Just saying…

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