Weekly Musings: 17.06.24

Bibiana Obahor
June 17, 2024
hailey beiber
Bieber launched the cutest pocket-sized blushes, Rihanna dropped a hairline, Erewhon collabed with Vacation (yes the SPF??) and are micro trends finally dying out for good?
  • @rocnation: a new family is moving in: Multiple beauty brands are expanding their empires with the launch of new hair care ventures and products. The only one I honestly care about is Mrs Rihanna’s. Despite the mixed emotions dispersing online, I think the brand will do well. She seems to have magic fingers.
  • Erewhon’s New Status Smoothie Tastes Like Sunscreen: I should be thrown off by smoothie and sunscreen in the same sentence but as always, Vacation is killing it with their branding. Odd, but smart.
  • Sabrina Carpenter Is Releasing Espresso Ice Cream Inspired By Her Hit Song: Speaking of smoothies, Sabrina’s new espresso ice cream is inspired by her hit song. Merch is not dead; it’s just getting more creative.
  • Anxious girlies, this one’s for you ✨🫂: Scrolled through Topicals’ Instagram page recently? No? Well, I’ll be the first to tell you they’re taking mental health very seriously and I love the way they’re sharing valuable content in an easygoing way that still feels om brand.
  • Did micro-trends kill the trend cycle? The coolest thing now? Not following trends at all! Last summer was all about quick trends. But now, instead of new 'cores' popping up every week, the focus is shifting to personal style. I’ll admit it's refreshing to see. I like the idea that I can grab what I want from different aesthetics and turn it into a style that reflects me rather than what’s trending at the time. It feels more sustainable and genuine. Plus, it’s exciting to see brands focusing on real-world interactions and experiences because of this.
  • Hailey Bieber sends Rhode Beauty fans into a FRENZY after announcing new $24 makeup product: I can’t scroll through TikTok or Instagram without seeing Hailey Bieber’s new blush sticks. They’re everywhere, but I’m not complaining. I LOVE everything about the rollout of this campaign. Each blush stick feels like it has its own little story/personality. And of course, what is a Rhode campaign without Hailey Bieber embodying that cool “it-girl” but also “girl-next-door” vibe?
Hailey Bieber's new Rhode Pocket Blushes are so dreamy | HELLO!
  • I think what makes the brand’s campaign stand out is the use of sensory marketing. Hailey told GLAMOUR that her new blushes are giving ‘Aperol spritz makeup’ this summer??? I know we all laugh at the “tomato-cherry-girl” and so on trends that come with Hailey’s influence, but the company has been smart to incorporate this into the brand’s visual narrative. For every food-beauty trend that Hailey popularises, her devoted followers turn it into a viral phenomenon. Honestly, I love it. I do find it funny that Kylie Cosmetics also launched blush sticks recently, and I’ve not heard much about that…
  • Can AI Pick Your Next Favourite Beauty Product? Tools like Match My Look are game-changers for anyone who’s ever fallen in love with a makeup look online but had no clue what products to use. It feels like we’re finally catching up with the convenience we’ve been craving in the beauty world. Sure, we’ll have to see if this tech-driven shopping experience completely takes over, but for now, it’s a fun and useful way to make online beauty shopping way less frustrating. Plus, who doesn’t love a good virtual makeover?
  • What Blink-And-You’ll-Miss-It Beauty Trends Mean in the Long Term: The key here seems to be flexibility—brands that can quickly adapt their existing products to fit new trends will thrive. It’s also a reminder that while trends are fun, a strong core product lineup is essential for long-term success.

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