Weekly Musings: 11.02.24

Bibiana Obahor
February 11, 2024
GCDS S/S 24 campaign photographed by Backgrid
The business & finance edition from SheerLuxe. Why is fashion so obsessed with paparazzi culture lately? Plus, packaging themes for this year...
  • The Business, Careers & Finance Edition From SheerLuxe: Sheerluxe launches a new quarterly supplement, providing you with all the insights and empowerment needed for modern life. So if you love the girls for their stylish and on-trend takes, then definitely sign up to receive their business insights.
  • Why is Fashion So Obsessed With Paparazzi Culture Lately? For CGDS’ latest campaign, the Italian brand collaborated with paparazzi agency Backgrid to recreate their own celebrity fodder. GCDS is just the latest to look at paparazzi photos as inspiration. We had Bottega Veneta’s viral shots featuring A$AP Rocky and Kendall Jenner and Balenciaga’s runway set against the backdrop of glitzy Los Angeles, with no shortage of celebrities in attendance. This embrace of "anti-fashion" is gaining traction as a prominent trend, and personally, I'm all for it.
  • TikTok is Catching Up to Netflix As Gen Z’s Favorite Entertainment Source: The gap between TikTok and other platforms, including traditional media, is narrowing. Gen Z are split evenly when choosing between streaming services and social media if they could only use one for the rest of the year. I would personally choose TikTok over Netflix.
  • Packaging themes for this year: The packaging themes for this year represent a fascinating blend of nostalgia, minimalism, and innovative design strategies, reflecting broader trends in the fashion, beauty, and luxury industries.
  • How Marketing Can Change Your Mind: David Ratajczak, the global leader of BCG’s marketing practice, highlights how companies can leverage our brain's tendency to form associations between events, objects, and memories to create positive brand perceptions. Marketing campaigns are no longer confined to big media platforms, accessible only to large companies. Instead, startups and small businesses can now compete with industry giants by using precision digital technology to exploit these psychological associations. This approach allows them to gain mindshare effectively.
  • ‘A wake-up call’: UK publishes first census on diversity in fashion: A recent UK Fashion DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) Report reveals that only 9% of executive roles in the British fashion industry are held by people of colour. This lack of diversity extends to the broader workforce. The report suggests three strategic levers for fashion companies to improve diversity: leadership commitment, data collection on workforce diversity, and reviewing systems and pathways, including pay audits and addressing biases in recruitment. It calls for a culture where open discussions about diversity and inclusion are encouraged, and where DE&I is seen as a responsibility and not a burden.

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