Weekly Musings: 18.02.24

Bibiana Obahor
February 18, 2024
What is "Enshittification", lipglosses seem to be having such a big moment and Hailey Bieber timely launched these lip gloss holder phone cases (genius!) Plus some fashion week talk...
  • Hailey Bieber Teased New Rhode Lip Gloss Holder Phone Case: Bieber is genius for this. Lipglosses are having such a big moment, I could go as far as to say they have a cultural impact. People collect them, have them out on the dinner table; they’re a big part of fashion and beauty trends—what’s sexy and cool or what’s not. However, as big of a fan as I am of Rhode and their lip treatments, I will not be seen with one of these. It’s cute as much as it is genius, but it sort of reminds me of those ugly, bulky rubber cases that were trendy back when I was in school.
  • ‘Enshittification’ is coming for absolutely everything: "Enshittification" is a vivid and rather informal way to describe a trend observed in many online platforms and tech companies, where they start off offering high-quality, user-focused services but gradually degrade over time. We see it all the time these days, where platforms shift their priorities from serving the user to maximising profits, often at the expense of user experience and ethical standards. Here's a breakdown to simplify the concept:
  • The Instagram era of influencer brands is over. What now? Gone are the days when an influencer's glossy Instagram feed was all it took to win over consumers. TikTok has reshaped how we engage, favouring genuine moments over manicured feeds. With the spotlight on 'de-influencing' and the raw authenticity of 'corecore', the game has shifted. Consumers are sharper, craving realness over the perfectly curated. Enter the era of meaningful collaborations. The message is clear: consumer preferences now lean towards the authentic.
  • Demna, Alessandro & Other Fashion Week Infatuations: There was lots of talk swirling around in the fashion world before New York Fashion Week kicked off. Big business moves: Tapestry and Capri join forces; how will this shake things up for brands like Coach and Versace? Drama with designers: Demna Gvasalia and Alessandro Michele. The importance of finding the right creative leaders for brands like Gucci and Givenchy. It's fascinating to see how these big moves and rumours can shape the future of fashion. Interested to see how it all plays out!
  • Estée in Distress: Estée Lauder’s sales have been dropping for a while now. The multinational cosmetics company has been slow to adapt to how people buy beauty products these days, like online and at places like Sephora and Ulta. L'Oréal and Coty are simply doing better at this. There's also talk about how the company hasn't been very good at talking to younger customers or using social media like TikTok. On top of that, there are problems inside the company, like how they spend too much money on fancy corporate stuff that doesn't actually matter. Still, there's hope for Estée Lauder if they learn from companies like Deciem, which is doing pretty well with young people because it sells affordable products that are still of good quality. It's interesting to see how even big companies like Estée Lauder can struggle when they don't keep up with the times. It shows how important it is for businesses to pay attention to what their customers want and how they shop, especially in industries like beauty where things change fast. Hopefully, Estée Lauder can turn things around and stay relevant in the beauty world!
  • British Vogue Assembled Models, Movie Stars, Musicians And Moguls For A Once-In-A-Lifetime Farewell Shoot: “To get one of these women on a cover takes months,” whistled Miley, in that deadpan way of hers. “To get 40? Unheard of.”

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