Weekly Musings: 25.02.24

Bibiana Obahor
February 25, 2024
How Sushi Park became a celebrity hangout Spot, why fast fashion can’t seem to crack beauty and is Bella Hadid launching a beauty brand?
  • Why Fast Fashion Can’t Seem to Crack Beauty: Fast fashion giants like Zara and H&M are diving into beauty, trying to win over customers with celeb-endorsed makeup and skincare. But cracking the beauty scene is tough. Despite big names and new products, the excitement isn't quite there. Sadly (though not unexpectedly), no one is batting an eye at beauty YouTubers talking about H&M's beauty line. Why? Because when it comes to beauty, we already have our favourite spots to shop, and adding beauty buys to our clothing haul isn't a habit yet. Plus, the beauty market is already packed with affordable options. So, while fast fashion is all about quick, trendy finds, making a mark in beauty requires more than just good prices. It's about creating must-have products that fit perfectly with what shoppers already love about these brands.
  • How Sushi Park, an L.A. Strip Mall Restaurant, Became a Celebrity Hangout Spot: The not-so-secret hotspot for celebrities, despite its low-key location in a strip mall. It's been the backdrop for various celeb moments, from Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods making up to Taylor Swift's girls' nights out. The place prides itself on being down-to-earth, with no flashy decor or online presence, attracting those in the spotlight who crave a bit of normalcy. They must want to be seen, though, as that balcony is notorious for papwalks. It’s contradictory but I guess celebrities just like going to places other celebrities go to…
  • The state of fragrance: what perfume shoppers really want: Highsnobiety's deep dive into what perfume lovers are really after shows that we aren't just picking scents that smell nice; we’re choosing fragrances that express who we are. Unsurprisingly, celebrity endorsements aren't the big sell here. When picking a perfume, it's all about personal expression and memory for many. Some like to match their scent to their mood or outfit, making each day's fragrance choice as important as what clothes they wear. Social media's playing a role in shaping how people discover and fall in love with new fragrances, even if they can't capture the essence of smell. I can attest to blindly buying fragrances because of TikTok.
  • Is Bella Hadid launching a beauty brand? Dropping hints on Instagram, she teased a launch set for May 2nd but kept the details under wraps. Clever fans did some digging and found a trademark application revealing Orebella's focus on fragrances and a variety of scented products. There's word that Orebella might debut exclusively at Ulta, sparked by Hadid's own sneak-peek visit to their HQ. Kylie Jenner also teases debut of her fragrance line in a recent photo dump on Instagram.
  • You can now order the BODY flask phone case ❤️: This vodka brand has launched a flask phone case, a la Rhode’s new phone case. I don’t have much to say besides the impact of staying on top of trends and being the second, or even third, if not first, to do something. Sometimes it’s corny, but sometimes it’s an opportunity.

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