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From London's sustainable fashion disruptor to the deodorant brand rewriting eco-conscious norms, here are this week's must-know brands.

Lie studio

Lie Studio, a fashion brand founded by designer Lina Zedig, redefines the intersection of fashion and art. Known for its avant-garde and contemporary designs, Lie Studio creates clothing that blurs the lines between apparel and wearable art. The brand's collections are characterized by bold silhouettes, experimental textures, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion.

Lie Studio's avant-garde approach to fashion challenges conventional norms, making it a standout brand in the industry. Their ability to transform clothing into artistic expressions is awe-inspiring, and their commitment to pushing creative boundaries continues to captivate the fashion world.


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If there's one brand that has seamlessly integrated efficacy with eco-consciousness, it's Fussy. Originating as a challenger to big cosmetic conglomerates, Fussy has found its niche in producing deodorants that are as kind to your skin as they are to the planet.

The brand's flagship product is a refillable deodorant, innovatively packaged to reduce waste and yet stylish enough to catch the discerning eye. The formulation behind each Fussy product is backed by robust scientific research, harnessing the powers of natural ingredients to achieve long-lasting freshness without the harmful chemicals. Fussy's minimalist ethos extends beyond just product design. Their marketing strategy leans into authenticity, leading to a cult following that embraces the brand's straightforward approach to personal care. In a market saturated with fleeting trends, Fussy stands as an enduring commitment to substance over style.


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A product of deep friendship and a shared love for skincare, ORRIS was founded in Paris by Kenneth Koo and Lani Le Berre. With an ambition to turn soap into an opulent sensorial experience, the brand exemplifies French savoir-faire. Inspired by holistic practices and crafted in the South of France, each soap in the ORRIS range embodies a unique persona, tackling distinct skin concerns through their therapeutic and sensuous natural ingredients.

Their luxurious base is a blend of sustainably sourced shea butter, olive Oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and castor oil, formulated to nourish and cleanse without compromising the skin's natural barrier. The fragrance profiles for each soap are developed in-house, designed to evoke the persona associated with each product.




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