In this week's round-up, we've got the scoop on Loops Beauty and more. From high-tech skincare that takes face masks to a whole new level to trendy athleisure and Italian fashion sensations, these are the brands we can't get enough of this week.
In this week's round-up, we've got the scoop on Loops Beauty and more. From high-tech skincare that takes face masks to a whole new level to trendy athleisure and Italian fashion sensations, these are the brands we can't get enough of this week.

Sunnei, the innovative Italian fashion brand, has captivated the fashion world with its unconventional path to success, blending streetwear with haute couture elements. Founded in 2014 by Simone Rizzo and Loris Messina, Sunnei started as a menswear label but has since expanded into womenswear and accessories, including standout footwear and sculptural bags. Their minimalist, witty, and artistic approach to design has garnered a cult following, particularly in Asian markets like South Korea and Japan, where they have found a loyal customer base.


One of Sunnei's critical successes lies in its unique digital marketing strategy, which harnesses the power of social media, particularly Instagram, to connect with its audience. By leveraging their backgrounds in digital marketing, Rizzo and Messina effectively built a community of creatives, architects, designers, and journalists who resonated with the brand's identity. According to Simone Rizzo, "We’ve never spent any money on marketing, and all of our marketing efforts take place across social networks. Since digital marketing is what we’re both specialised in, we managed to come up with a strategy that would speak to both consumers and industry insiders. To this day, almost everybody who buys our product will say that they found us through Instagram."

Sunnei's growth has been further propelled by its partnership with fashion investment group, Vanguard. Péter Baldaszti, the founder of Vanguards Group, highlights the brand's remarkable progress, stating that revenues are projected to be "just under" €10 million in 2023, a substantial increase from their annual revenue of over €1 million when the investment was made in 2020. Baldaszti also emphasises the importance of planning for successful scaling, as the brand's rapid growth has necessitated building a larger physical store to complement its existing Milan flagship. He praises Sunnei for its cultural solidity and distinctive identity, noting that the brand's creative talent and entrepreneurship have played a pivotal role in its success.

Sunnei's forward-thinking approach to fashion, blending physical and digital experiences, has positioned the brand as a standard-bearer for the future of Milan's fashion scene. Their ability to authentically connect with their audience, combine the real and virtual realms, and effectively navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic has set them apart as an industry trailblazer. As they continue to evolve, we are excited to witness Sunnei's next chapter in reshaping the future of fashion with their unique multidisciplinary language and fluid approach to design.


Instagram: @sunnei

Alo Yoga's journey from a boutique yoga wear brand to a wellness-centric athleisure powerhouse offers valuable insights into the fashion industry. "We are relentless about making the best yoga clothing in the world ... Inspiring mindful movement is at the core of why we do what we do at Alo—it’s our calling. Because mindful movement leads to better living," say the co-founders, Danny Harris and Marco DeGeorge. Their resounding success is evident in their estimated annual revenue of $247.1M and their dedicated following of over 3 million Instagram followers.


At the core of Alo Yoga's triumph lies its "studio-to-street" positioning, offering clothing that effortlessly transitions from yoga sessions to everyday life. This unique approach has struck a chord with consumers seeking versatile, fashion-forward activewear. "We wanted to give it more of a street edge," says Harris. Celebrities and social influencers have been pivotal in promoting the brand, with stars like Kendall Jenner featured in ads. Alo Yoga has successfully created an authentic brand identity that resonates with its target audience by building a robust yoga community through social influencers and partnerships with yoga instructors.

Alo Yoga's mindful approach to fashion-forward design has propelled them to the forefront of athleisure wear. Their commitment to sustainability and giving back to the community has captured the attention of socially conscious consumers. "In fashion, that appeals globally," says Danny Harris. Moreover, their dedication to crafting a beautiful life through forward design has set them apart from competitors. As they continue to expand globally, with plans to double their brick-and-mortar presence this year, Alo Yoga stands as an inspiring example of how a brand can successfully blend wellness, style, and mindfulness. "Perhaps we are the brand for the next generation," concludes Harris.


Instagram: @aloyoga

Loops Beauty, a high-tech skincare brand, has captivated consumers with its targeted and dermatologist-approved face masks. Each mask is carefully designed to address specific skin needs, aligning with different moments in a person's day when their skin requires the utmost care. Made in South Korea using advanced technology, Loops' signature Hydrogel second skin ensures deep penetration of active ingredients, promoting collagen production and cell rejuvenation. Notably, the brand stands out by delivering clean formulas while remaining cruelty-free.


A significant factor in Loops' success is its strategic celebrity partnerships and endorsements, featuring figures like Emily Ratajkowski and Camila Mendes as creative directors. Their involvement fosters genuine enthusiasm, resonating with consumers and amplifying brand appeal on social media. Loops' social media strategy has been instrumental in its viral growth, projecting a cool and desirable image as "your favourite celebrities' favourite face mask" without paying for endorsements.

Loops Beauty's tailored approach to skincare has also contributed to its popularity. Their face masks cater to specific moments, such as morning de-puffing and brightening or evening relaxation and hydration. This solution-based skincare concept has effectively positioned the brand, garnering favour among consumers seeking personalised skincare experiences. Loops' dedication to clean beauty and sustainable practises, such as compostable hydrogel masks, has resonated with modern consumers, further enhancing the brand's reputation and appeal in the competitive beauty industry.


Instagram: @loopsbeauty


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