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Click or Skip: Should Your Brand Be on Pinterest?

The Desiree Team
October 11, 2023
In our 'Click or Skip' column, we unravel the complexities of social media for brands, from key features and suitability to trends and user behaviour. This week, we're looking at Pinterest...

Once associated primarily with millennial tablescapes, home interior ideas, and wedding mood boards, Pinterest has transformed into an unexpected fashion destination for Gen Z and a treasure trove for trend forecasting by brands and retailers. Can it also drive revenue through in-app shopping? Join us as we explore Pinterest's evolution and potential, and whether your brand should 'click' or 'skip' this visual wonderland.

Pinterest's Evolution: A Gen Z Favourite for Fashion Inspiration

Pinterest's story has taken an intriguing turn as it has become the go-to fashion inspiration hub for Gen Z. The platform's fastest-growing demographic is now Gen Z users, who have embraced it as a source of style and fashion inspiration. For instance, Gen Z internet label Jaded London noticed Pinterest users pinning 1990s photos of David and Victoria Beckham sporting baggy trousers. Capitalising on this trend, the brand launched 'parachute pants' that went viral, resulting in over 200,000 pairs sold since their 2022 debut, translating to £8.5 million in sales. Jaded London's design team regularly scouts Pinterest for under-25 trends, tapping into its vast collection of nostalgic images from past decades.

Pinterest's User Base Among Gen Z

While Pinterest's Gen Z user base is growing, it still lags behind platforms like TikTok and Instagram in terms of monthly active users under 25. According to Comscore, 27 per cent of Gen Z individuals aged 18-25 have used Pinterest, compared to 84 per cent for YouTube, 61 per cent for TikTok, 58 per cent for Snapchat, and 56 per cent for Instagram. Nevertheless, Pinterest's rise among Gen Z has piqued the interest of luxury brands such as Dior and Louis Vuitton, along with concept stores. They have begun sharing pins of their products to enhance brand awareness and studying what Pinterest users pin to inspire their designs and ad campaigns.

Pinterest's Path to Becoming More Shoppable

Pinterest is actively striving to enhance its shoppability features, either by providing direct purchase links or suggesting similar products linked to pins. The goal is to further engage Gen Z users and demonstrate Pinterest's value across the entire purchase journey for brands.

Pinterest's content graph algorithm tailors users' feeds based on their preferences, similar to TikTok. This personalisation aligns well with Gen Z's desire for style inspiration that reflects their tastes. According to research firm GWI, the number of US Gen Z individuals using social media for inspiration has grown by 16 per cent since 2020.

Pinterest's Cool Factor

In a recent study by Forrester, 30 per cent of adults under 25 associate Pinterest with "cool," surpassing other social media or content discovery platforms, even edging out TikTok. Gen Z perceives Pinterest as one of the most informative, least fake, and least invasive platforms after Reddit and LinkedIn.

To attract more Gen Z users, Pinterest introduced the sister app Shuffles in 2022. Shuffles allows users to create collages with images from their camera roll or Pinterest pins and share them on Pinterest. These collages are highly engaging and shoppable, allowing users to click on outfits or accessories to make a purchase.

Pinterest as a Trend-Setting Platform

Pinterest is a hotspot for trendsetting due to its forward-looking nature. Popular trends often take off 20 per cent faster on Pinterest than on other platforms. The platform's trend search feature enables brands and users to explore the popularity and development of trends over time, aiding brands in creating relevant campaigns.


Pinterest recognises the importance of diversity and inclusivity and employs AI technology to ensure diverse content. The platform's AI scans over 5 billion images to ensure diverse representation, creating a more engaging experience for users.

Pinterest's Efforts in Social Commerce

While Gen Z is more open to social commerce than millennials, it remains a challenging landscape for social media platforms. Pinterest has invested in shopping features, including a tie-in with Amazon, aiming to provide a seamless shopping experience for its users.


Pinterest has transformed from a platform associated with wedding planning to a dynamic fashion inspiration hub for Gen Z and a trend-forecasting resource for brands. Its unique content graph algorithm and trend-setting capabilities make it an appealing platform for brands targeting Gen Z. However, its success as a social commerce platform remains to be seen. Whether your brand should 'click' on Pinterest or 'skip, it depends on your audience and goals. As we continue to explore social media platforms in this series, stay tuned to make informed decisions for your brand's digital strategy.


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