A Guide to Starting Your Career in Virtual Assisting (VA)

The Desiree Team
May 30, 2024
Are you looking for a flexible and dynamic career path? Virtual assisting (VA) could be your answer. With the rise of digital technology, VAs provide a range of administrative and operational services remotely, from email management to data analysis. It’s a role that suits a variety of industries and allows for a versatile work environment, perfect for those who thrive on flexibility and independence.

What is VA?

Virtual assisting (VA) refers to administrative and operational services provided remotely. With digital tech advancements, VAs handle tasks ranging from email management to data analysis, all without stepping into a traditional office setting.

Industries You Can Break Into

The beauty of VA work is its versatility across sectors:

  • Fashion Design: Manage suppliers, assist in marketing, or handle event scheduling.
  • Social Media: Manage accounts, develop content, and track analytics.
  • Technology: Customer support, data management, and basic coding tasks.
  • Music: Coordinate social media presence, event bookings, and liaise with labels.

Why is VA Important?

In today’s fast-paced world, VAs have evolved from 'nice-to-have' to 'essential.' They help companies streamline operations, cut costs, and adapt quickly to market changes.

Core Responsibilities of a VA

  • Administrative Tasks: Emails, scheduling, and data entry.
  • Project Management: Using tools like Asana or Trello.
  • Customer Service: Handling queries and managing relationships.

Metrics for Success

Success as a VA is often measured by:

  • Task Completion Rate: Speed and accuracy.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Key for customer service roles.
  • ROI Generated: Important for sales and marketing roles.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Soft Skills: Communication, time management, and problem-solving.
  • Technical Skills: MS Office, project management software, and industry-specific tools.

Salary, Compensation, and Benefits

Here’s a breakdown by location:

  • UK: £22,000 to £40,000 annually.
  • USA: $30,000 to $60,000 per annum.
  • Canada: CAD 35,000 to CAD 55,000 per year.
  • Europe: €25,000 to €50,000 per year.

Factors Influencing Salary

  • Location: Urban centers offer higher pay.
  • Experience: More years mean higher salaries.
  • Specialized Skills: Niche expertise can command higher rates.

Career Future as a VA

With globalization and the move to digital workspaces, VA demand is set to soar. Specializing in specific industries can lead to higher-paying roles or consultancy opportunities.

Challenges and Pitfalls

  • Isolation: Remote work can be lonely.
  • Job Security: VAs often work on contracts, which may lack full-time security.
  • Work-Life Balance: Flexibility can make it hard to switch off.

By understanding the various facets of the VA profession, you can make a well-informed decision about this promising career path. Embrace the opportunities and navigate the challenges to build a successful career in virtual assisting.


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